Happy Mid-Autumn Festival ~ Mooncakes 中秋节快乐 ~ 月饼 ~ 2015


Hi everyone, Have you finished making your mooncakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival (Mooncake Festival), which is just around the corner? I've made my last batch of moonies last weekend and got them packed to giveaway to my friends and relatives. These baked mooncakes and piggies that you're seeing in this post were made using the same recipe as the Baked Red Yeast Mooncakes, as I like that no egg washing required. I'm reposting this recipe using different measurements for my own reference. Hope you'll not get tired and bored of seeing repeated recipes.

     260 plain flour
     170g sugar syrup
     50g peanut oil
     1tsp alkaline water
     1/8tsp egg yellow colouring  

    260克 普通面粉
    170克 糖浆
    50克 花生油
    1茶匙 碱水 
    1/8茶匙 蛋黄色素

dough 60g  filling 100g (makes 11 pieces)
皮 60克  内馅 100克 (做11个)
**glaze the mooncake top after baked
recipe method from here 食谱做法看这里

Handmade Piggy Mooncakes

dough 50g  filling 70g
皮 50克  内馅 70克
**glaze the piggies after baked
recipe method from here 食谱做法看这里
method of making piggies step by step - here

I'm taking this opportunity here to wish everyone of you who celebrate, 
a very enjoyable Mid-Autumn Festival.
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Date Lotus Jelly Mooncakes 枣泥菜燕月饼


After having making both baked and snowskin mooncakes last week, there was still some leftover date lotus paste left. Putting nothing to waste, and having only 150g paste left, I just made it as a filling in the jelly mooncake. I boiled red dates and dried longan for the outer layer.  I love the end result.  The jelly mooncake was just lovely, it was transparent and looked like crystal They were just refreshing and very fragrant. Great to make these jellies  as a giveaway gift and also a perfect dessert for the warm weather.

Date Lotus Jelly Mooncakes

      Date filling jelly - makes 7
      150g date lotus paste
      250ml water
      20g sugar
      1tsp agar agar powder

  • Combine all the filling ingredients in a small pot and bring to boil at medium heat. Stir with a hand whisk until date lotus paste dissolved. Off heat and stir for another minute. Then pour evenly into 7 muffin cups and place in the refrigerator to set for about 15 minutes.
  • Remove filling jelly from cup, using a sharp knife to scrape the jelly on both sides, this will makes the jelly stick together. Set aside for later use.
      Mooncake skin - makes 4
      700ml water
      50g red dates
      20g dried longan
      60g rock sugar
      1 + 1/4tsp agar agar powder

  • In a pot, combine water, red dates, dried longan and rock sugar together to boil and simmer for 20 minutes under low heat with lid on.
  • Pass water mixture through a sift and use spoon to press out the excess water from the red dates and dried longan.
  • Measure water mixture to 450ml into a pot together with agar agar powder and bring  to boil at medium heat, stirring continuously with a hand whisk. Turn off heat and stir liquid mixture for another 1 minute. Keep warm.
  • Pour red dates liquid mixture into mooncake mould, about 1/2 cum high and let it cool to semi-set,about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Place the filling jelly into it and warm up the remaining red dates liquid mixture. Then pour the hot liquid over the filling jelly to full. 
  • Allow jelly to set completely and keep jelly refrigerated until ready to serve.

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     150克 枣泥莲蓉
     250毫升 水
     20克 细糖
     1茶匙 菜燕粉
  • 将所材料不停的搅拌煮滚,搅致枣泥莲蓉融化。熄火在搅拌约1分钟。 然后平均倒入7个玛芬杯内。收进冰箱约15分钟致凝固。
  • 从玛芬杯取出枣泥内陷,用刀子轻刮两面,这样两者才互相粘在一起。备用。

     700毫升 水
     50克 红枣
     20克 龙眼干
     60克 冰糖
     1 + 1/4 茶匙 菜燕分

  • 将水,红枣,龙眼干,冰糖及冰糖一起煮滚,盖上盖以小火焖煮20分钟。
  • 然后过滤,用汤匙把红枣和龙眼干挤压出多余的水分。
  • 量出450毫升的红枣龙眼水和菜燕粉到煲里,以中火不停搅拌煮致滚。熄火继续搅拌1分钟,保温。
  • 将红枣龙眼水倒入4个菜燕模子,约1/2cm高,待凉致半凝固约30秒-1钟。把一快枣泥内陷放在上面,然后再加热剩余的红枣龙眼水,倒入在枣泥内陷上致掩盖整个月饼模子。
  • 待冷后,收进冰箱致凝固即可享用。

Date Lotus Snowskin Mooncakes

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No-Baked Milo Chocolate Cheesecake 免烤美綠巧克力乳酪蛋糕


I love cheesecake and I've added milo into it this time to join this month's Little Thumbs Up event. To me, the milo taste was mild, so I would recommend that you need to add some dark chocolate or semi sweet chocolate to make the cake more chocolately and flavourful. Have a try, this is great to have a slice with a cup of coffee.

No-Baked Milo Cheesecake

      Cake base
      120g chocolate biscuits
      80g melted butter
  • Grease the sides of a 8 inch removable cake pan and line the bottom of the cake pan, set aside.
  • Crush biscuits with a rolling pin in a zip lock bag until they are like crumbs, then add the butter and mix well. Pressing the biscuit crumbs with your hand at the bottom of he lined cake pan. Put the tin in the fridge to set.
     Cheesecake Filling
     250g cream cheese, at room temperautre
     4tbsp icing sugar, sifted
     1tsp vanilla extract
     1tbsp rum (optional)
     50g milo powder
     100ml hot milk
     50g semi sweet chocolate, chop to small pieces
     1.5tbsp gelatin + 2tbsp water 
     250g fresh topping cream/non-dairy whipping cream

     Milo Chocolate Cream
     120g semi-sweet chocolate, chop to small pieces 
     10g butter
     80g whipping cream
     1tbsp milo

  • Cheese filling - Mix hot milk and chocolate pieces together, mix well to smooth, add in milo and stir well. Set aside to cool.
  • Put gelatin and water in a bowl and soak for a while. Then place it in a double boiler until gelatin dissolved. Keep warm. 
  • Beat cream cheese, icing sugar, vanilla extract and rum together to smooth. Add in milk mixture, mix well followed by melted gelatin and mix well again. Transfer cream cheese mixture into a large bowl.
  • Whisk fresh topping cream until soft peak and pour into the cheese mixture. Fold well and pour into the prepared cake pan. Place the cheesecake in the fridge for at least 4 hours to set or overnight. Remove cheesecake from cake pan and place back in the fridge again.
  • Melt chocolate pieces and butter in double boiler and set aside. Lightly boil whipping cream and milo together, stir well and pour into melted chocolate, stir till smooth. Leave milo chocolate cream to cool, then spread evenly on top of  cheesecake. Chill the cheesecake for 1 hour before cutting with a hot knife and serve. 

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     120克 巧克力饼干
     60克 牛油,融化
  • 准备一个8寸圆形烤盘。傍边抹油,底部铺上油纸。
  • 将巧克力饼干放入保鲜袋中,用擀面棍压碎饼干,然后用手把饼干碎与融化牛油抓匀,压入烤盘底部,压平压紧。铺好饼干后,放进冰箱备用。
     250克 奶油乳酪,温室软化
     4汤匙 糖粉,过筛
     1茶匙 vanilla香精
     1汤匙 兰姆酒 (可不加)
     50克  美綠粉
     100毫升 热牛奶
     50克 半甜巧克力
     1.5汤匙 鱼胶粉+3汤匙水
     250克 植物性奶油

     120克 半甜巧克力
     10克 牛油
     80克 动物性奶油
     1汤匙 美綠粉

  • 乳酪馅料 - 将热牛奶及巧克力碎搅拌致顺滑,加入美綠粉搅拌均匀,待凉备用。
  • 将鱼膠粉和水浸泡一下。隔水加热致完全融化。保温备用
  • 把奶油乳酪, 糖粉, vanilla香精和兰姆酒搅打致顺滑。倒入已经融化的鱼膠粉搅打均匀即可。然后放入一个大碗里。
  • 在另一干净的碗,把植物性奶油打发, 拌入芝士糊中翻拌均匀即可,抹平。置冰箱冷藏4个小时或隔夜。蛋糕脱模,再放入冰箱备用。
  • 将巧克力碎和牛油放在碗中,隔水加热致巧克力融化,备用。用小火煮滚动物性奶油及美綠粉搅拌均匀,倒入巧克力内,搅拌至顺滑,待凉。然后将美綠巧克力酱涂在蛋糕上,冷藏约1小时便可享用。

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Durian Snowskin Mooncakes 榴莲冰皮月饼 ~ 2015


I've been wanting to make Durian  Snowskin Mooncakes since last year. Since there is still some fresh durian leftover in the freezer, why not give a try. I didn't add any flour in the durian filling but only gelatin. So, while wrapping the durian filling with the dough skin, you'll find that the filling is still quite soft. So please mould the mooncake carefully and gently, otherwise the durian filling will burst if press too hard into the mould. Durian lovers will definitely enjoy this very much as these moonies are truly very fragrant.

Durian Snowskin Mooncakes

      Dough skin - makes about 15 pieces
      115g snowskin flour (KCT pinpe premix powder)
      25g kao fen (糕粉 - cooked glutinous rice flour)
      25g icing sugar (sifted)
      23g crisco/shortening
      150g water (boil 300g water with 2-3 pandan leaves, leave to cool and measure 150g)
      1-2 drops egg yellow colouring
      extra kao fen for dusting

      400g fresh durian pulps + 1tbsp sifted icing sugar
      15g gelatin + 2 tbsp water

  • Filling -  Soak gelatin and water in a small bowl for a while. Then place it in a double boiler until gelatin dissolved. Keep warm.
  • Blend fresh durian and sifted icing sugar to smooth. Transfer to a bowl and pour in gelatin, mix well.
  • Use scissors to cut cling wrapper to 15 pieces small square. Weigh blended durian to about 25g on the plastic wrap and wrap it up to a small ball.  Then put in the refrigerator to chill for at least 30 minutes to set.
  • Dough skin - Combine kao fen and snowskin flour in a large bowl and set aside.
  • In a pot, add water with icing sugar and crisco together. Bring to boil until crisco melted, stir with a hand whisk.
  • Pour the hot liquid mixture into the flour and use a rubber spatula to stir mixture to a soft dough and leave to cool. Then knead dough to smooth and add 1-2 drops egg yellow colouring and knead well again. Add more kao fen if the dough is still too sticky.
  • Measure dough to about 25g,about 14-15 pieces and wrap in the durian filling. Roll it into ball shape and dust with some kao fen. Gently press it into mould - unmould and store in an airtight container to chill for several hours before serving.

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      115克 冰皮月饼预拌粉(出售于KCT)
      25克 糕粉
      25克 糖粉 (过筛)
      23克 白油
      150克 香兰叶水 (用300克水和2-3片香兰叶,一起煮滚待凉)
      1-2滴 蛋黄色素 

      400克 榴莲肉 + 1汤匙 糖粉 (糖粉要过筛)
      15克 鱼胶粉 + 2 汤匙水

  • 馅料 - 鱼胶粉和水浸泡一下。隔水加热致完全融化。保温备用。
  • 把榴莲肉及糖粉打成泥,倒入融化好的鱼胶粉,搅拌均匀。
  • 用剪刀把保鲜纸剪成15长小方形。把25克榴莲馅放在保鲜纸上,包成小球状。然后放入冰箱冷却约30分钟致凝固。
  • 冰皮 - 将冰皮粉和糕粉混合在一个大碗里,备用。
  • 将150克的香兰叶水,糖粉和白油煮滚至白油融化,搅匀。直接倒入粉内,用刮刀翻拌成软面团,待凉。
  • 然后用手把软面团搓至光滑,加入1-2滴蛋黄色素,再搓均匀。如面团还带有一点粘性可撒上些糕粉,搓匀。
  • 将面团分成14-15份,每份约25克。包入榴莲馅,搓圆。沾上少许糕粉。轻轻的入模压花。然后收进封密盒子。
  • 冷藏数小时即可享用。  

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Taiwanese Style Lotus Mooncakes 台式莲蓉月饼 ~ 2015


I've bookmarked this Taiwanese style mooncake recipe baked by many blogger friends since last year. I wanted to try out this recipe because it is quite different from the traditional baked mooncakes as it uses butter instead of peanut oil and no alkaline water is required. The dough is quite manageable and the crust is slightly buttery but fragrant after baked. You can consume the mooncakes immediately after cooling down or store in an airtight container like the traditional ones.

 photo mooncake biscuits 069_zpsulseqafj.jpg  photo handmade piggy 018_zpsr6rhnr9i.jpg  photo Traditional baked mooncake 3_zpsbcdoccpc.jpg
Please click on the images for the recipes

Taiwanese Style Lotus Mooncakes

     140g plain flour
     20g milk powder
     30g icing sugar
     30g sugar syrup  (can use golden syrup or maltose. I used glucose)
     35g beaten egg
     30g soft butter

     300g lotus paste, divide into 12 small balls, 25g each
     1 beaten egg yolk for egg washing

  • Sift flour, icing sugar and milk powder together on to table top. Make a well in the center, add maltose and egg into it. Blend well and lastly add in soft butter and knead to a smooth dough. Wrap with cling wrap and set aside for 15 minutes.
  • Divide dough into 12 portions, 25g. Wrap lotus paste filling in dough. Roll it into a ball and dust with some flour and
  • Press firmly into mould, unmould and place on a lined baking tray.
  • Bake at preheated oven 170 deg C for 10 minutes. Remove from oven and rest mooncakes to cool for about 10 minutes. Apply egg wash on the surface of the mooncakes. Then bake the mooncakes again for another 10-12 minutes or till brown.

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     Please watch the video here for making the mooncakes


     140克 底筋面粉
     20克 奶粉
     30克 糖粉
     30克 糖浆 (可用金黄糖浆或水麦芽。我用葡萄糖浆)
     35克 蛋液
     30克 牛油,软化

      300克 莲蓉,分割成12粒小圆球,每粒25克
      1个 蛋黄 (打散,涂面)

  • 先把粉类和糖粉过筛到桌面上。中间挖个洞,加入糖浆及蛋液,一起搅拌均匀。最后加入软牛油揉致光滑,然后用保鲜纸包好,静置15分钟。
  • 将面团平均分割每份25克。 包入莲蓉,搓圆。沾上少许面粉,放入模型里印出形状。
  • 排列在铺纸的烤盘上,放入预热烤箱,以摄氏170度烤10分钟。
  • 然后取出烤箱,待冷却10分钟,在月饼表层涂上蛋黄。再继续烘烤约10-12分致金黄色即可。

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Eggless Fig and Nut Cake 无蛋高纤维果仁蛋糕


Here is a simple and healthy eggless cake recipe that does not require the help of an electric mixer. This cake is very fragrant thanks to the addition of honey, dried figs and walnuts.  The texture is dense and moist but not too sweet and the cake can be stored in the fridge for about 5 days.

Eggless Fig and Nut Cake

      200g wholemeal flour (1.5 cups)
      1/2tsp baking powder
      1/4tsp ground cinnamon
      60g melted butter (3tbsp) 
      250g water (1 1/4 cups)
      150g honey (1/2 cup)
      50g chopped walnuts (1/2 cup)
      120g dried figs, finely chopped


  • Heat honey, water and butter over a warm water bath. Stir well.
  • Combine whole wheat flour, baking powder and ground cinnamon together. Fold in the butter and honey. Lastly add chopped walnuts and dried figs. Mix well. Pour batter into a small loaf pan lined with baking paper. (I used paper loaf pan)
  • Bake in a preheated oven at 180 deg C for 25 minutes.

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     Recipe adapted from Healthy and Fabulous Desserts with slight adjustments


      200克 全麦面粉
      1/2茶匙 发粉
      1/4茶匙 肉桂粉
      60克 溶化牛油
      250克 水
      150克 蜂蜜
      50克 核桃碎
      150克 干无花果,切碎

  • 蜂蜜,水,牛油同座于温水中,拌至完全调匀。
  • 全麦面粉,发粉及肉桂粉混合均匀。拌入牛油蜂蜜料内,下核桃碎和干无花果,拌匀。将面糊倒入小烤盘内,底部铺牛油纸。(我用的是防油纸盒)
  • 放入预热烤箱内,以摄氏180度烘约25分钟。

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Baked Red Yeast Mooncakes 烤红曲月饼 ~ 2015


Red yeast rice powder or red yeast powder (红曲粉 hongqu fen in Chinese) is getting popular among Chinese food bloggers as a food colouring for baking and cooking like char siu and peking duck. Red yeast rice is a substance that's extracted from rice that's been fermented and it's been used in China and Asian countries for centuries as a traditional medicine. (as referred from 'here').
I've added about a teaspoon of red yeast powder into this mooncake recipe. It gives a nice red colour to the cake without any egg wash and glaze like the traditional mooncake. Pretty and presentable as a gift for the coming Mooncake Festival.

 photo green tea mooncakes 031_zpsnbry18c8.jpg  photo baked choc mooncake 034_zpspxjynzsb.jpg
You may also like to check on the baked mooncakes recipes posted in previous years by clicking on the images 

Baked Red Yeast Mooncakes

      125g plain flour
      5g red yeast powder
      85g sugar syrup
      25g peanut oil
      1/2tsp alkaline water

      360g lotus paste filling (I used red date longan lotus paste)

  • Mix sugar syrup, peanut oil and alkaline water together thoroughly.
  • Sift plain flour and red yeast powder in a bowl. Make a well in the center and pour in sugar syrup mixture. Use a rubber spatula to mix and form to a soft dough. Cover with a cling wrap and let it rest for 30 minutes.
  • Divide dough into 11-12 portions, about 20g each and roll into balls. Wrap the dough around the lotus paste filling (30g).
  • Roll it into ball and dust with some flour. Press firmly into mould, unmould and place on a lined baking tray.
  • Bake at preheated oven 170 deg C for 10 minutes. Remove from oven and rest mooncakes to cool for about 15 minutes. Then bake the mooncakes again for another 10-15 minutes.
  • Leave mooncakes to cool down completely before storing into an airtight container. This mooncake can be eaten immediately after baked or wait for about 3 days for the mooncake skin to soften (回油) before consuming.

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      125克 普通面粉
      5克 红曲粉
      85克 糖浆
      25克 花生油
      1/2茶匙 碱水

      360克 莲蓉馅 (我用红枣龙眼莲蓉馅)

  • 把糖浆,碱水和花生油混合均匀。
  • 将面团和红曲粉一起过筛在大碗里,中间挖个同,倒入混合好的糖浆。用橡皮刮刀拌成软面团,盖上保鲜纸放置一旁静置30分中。
  • 然后将面团分成11-12份,每份20克,搓圆压扁,包入莲蓉馅(30克)。
  • 再搓圆,粘上少许粉,压入月饼模,扣出排放在烤盘上(底部铺纸)。
  • 放入预热烤箱摄氏170度,烤约10分钟,取出待冷15分钟,再放入烤箱,烤10-15分钟即可。
  • 待月饼完全凉后,可以马品尝或装进盒子里;等月饼回油后(约3天),就可以切块享用了。 

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