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Kimchi Fried Rice 泡菜炒饭


Ingredients: (serves 3 )
1.5 cup Uncooked Rice
150g Kimchi with liquid
6 tbsp Korea hot pepper paste
150g Water
3 Fried eggs
Some nori seaweed and chopped spring onion
Divide all the above into 3 portion.

Cook rice as directed in a rice cooker.
Divide cooked rice into 3 portion.
Cut kimchi into small pieces.
Use a non-stick pan with medium fire-add water, hot rice, hot pepper paste and kimchi together and stir fry till all well mixed.
Put kimchi rice on serving plate with fried egg on top.
Garnish with nori seaweed and spring onion.

Refer to Science of Cooking for more Korean recipes


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  1. We eat lots of Kimchi as my son-in-law is Korean. This sounds so good. My daughter is becoming a good cook of Korean foods. We both shop at the Korean Market here in Atlanta as they have the freshest produce. Now your answer to the tea I use for the cold ice tea is any you prefer. I like to use black tea or green tea or any I happen to have in the house that is not really flavored to begin with. We are so use to drinking green tea that is usually what I have in my cabinet.

  2. It looks delicious even though I don t know what kimchi is :)

  3. Kimchi is spicy fermented pickled vegetable dish serve by Koreans at most meals.

  4. Hi Joyce,

    My family also likes Korean food alot. I was once taught by my Korean friend how to make kimchi using their original spices and for Singapore hot wheather it is not easy to season the Kimchi. For this fried rice, I am just using the shortcut.

  5. Kimchi rice is nice and quick and easy and very tasty!

  6. 我喜欢用Kimchi来煮汤,不过很久没煮了,看到你的post我有想买来煮。


  7. 以前我的韩国朋友是用三层肉来做Kimchi汤。这个Kimchi炒饭也是从她那里学来的。只不过她是用珍珠米而我是用香米。(还有用的都是shortcut...不好意思)

  8. 我在韩国时喝过的kimchi汤里头加入了很多虾皮(干的小虾子),还有老豆腐,用石锅来煮,汤头很甜,在寒冷的天气喝真的一级棒。虽然过了很多年,我还一直想念那个汤。

  9. 我觉得Kimchi汤都可以很随意的做。你可以到Meridian Hotel的foodcourt,那里有一摊位卖很正宗的韩国料理。可以试一试。