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Winter Melon Soup 冬瓜排骨汤


Winter melon has a very mild sweet taste. It is usally used in soup. Chinese believes it is cooling to the body. Refer to food

800g Winter Melon 冬瓜- remove skin and cut to chunk size
2-3 pcs Dried Cuttlefish 尤鱼(about 150g) - wash and clean thoroughly
6 pcs Dried Red Date 红枣
500g Pork ribs 排骨- blanch in boiling water
1 thumbsize Ginger
2 litre Water

  • Put all ingredients into a pot with 2L water.
  • Bring to boil and lower fire, simmer for about 2 hours.
  • Add salt to taste, stir well and switch off fire and serve.


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  1. I have never try to cook winter melon soup before, it looks very nice..mmm.. got to try tis out soon.. ^_^.. thanks for sharing..

  2. Can add other ingredients like chicken without skin and goji (chinese wolfberry) instead.