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A Lovey Postcard

Yesterday, I've received a lovely Barcelona's postcard and a magnetic~~cute moo~moo ~cow from Rachel.

Look at the cute Chef Cow ~ cooking Paella ~ really makes me hungry.... D:

Thank you Rachel for being so sweet and thoughtful even though we've never met. Please visit Rachel's blog which you will definitely inspired by her Bento making for her little princess.


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  1. Cute cow magnet! Thank goodness for sweet blogging buddies.

  2. How sweet! I like your new blog banner.

  3. Glad that you like the card and the moo~moo~.. ^_^

  4. Anncoo thats really a cute one. Wow a new header too. Even you can go for a new template. The last train cake was superb. Perfect for kids.

  5. Elle Bee: Yes, all of you are my sweet buddies.

    SIS: Yes, I love it.

    Coleen: Thank you :)

    Rachel: Thank you so much :d

    Anshika: Thank you that you like my header and the train cake :D

  6. A lovely Gift with a cute cow
    Congrats Dear!!!!!!!!11

  7. What lovely gifts! The cow is so cute.

  8. My Little Space, Aruna & Palidor:

    Yes, It is a lovely Gift from my sweet Rachel.

  9. Those gifts are so cute...
    Thx for visiting my blog...

  10. I like your cute cookies. Do you sell it? It is so lovely, should be a great gift.

    Join my "Life as I See it" here.

  11. A Year on a Grill: Yes, it is :)

    Sushma, Prathibha, Debbie: Yes, it is really sweet of Rachel for sending this gift to me. I love it :D

    Gypsy Lala: Sorry, which cookies are you referring?

  12. hey i am a first timer to ure blog

    /well hungry for eating the cow or food made by her eh?? jus joking.

  13. Rahul: Thank you for visiting :)

    Kathy: You may like to visit Rachel's blog.

  14. Anncoo, thank you for the comment on my pho soup. You are always so sweet and I love visiting your blog!

    The chef cow is adorable and what a postcard =)

  15. Shandy, Thank you, please drop by often.

  16. hahaha, cute!!! I love adorable stuff like that, esp if it's a fat cOW! With a paella to boot!

  17. Love that magnet and I'd love to go to Barcelona!!

  18. Sophia: Yes, I know it...haha...

    Kim: Have you been there before?

  19. Not only Rachel is good in Bento. You are good too. I'm still far back behind both of you. I'm still learning very hard. so sad :(

  20. Hi Samantha,
    Don't be sad. We always learned from mistakes. Keep going and you'll be perfect :D
    Thank you for visiting, please drop by often.