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Durian Agar Agar Mooncake

Yay! This is the first time I made the Foodbuzz Top 9 :))

As durian is still in Season I would like to share this Durian Agar Agar Mooncake that I've made during the weekend. The method is exactly the same as the Lychee Agar Agar Mooncake that I made last year. Hope you will love it.

Durian Filling Ingredients
350ml Water
100ml Full cream milk
100g Sugar
3 tsp Agar Agar powder
120g Durian flesh - blend fine
1/2 tsp Egg yellow color (the filling color that I made was too light because I only added 1/4 tsp egg yellow color)
  • Boil water, sugar salt and agar agar powder together and keep stirring the agar agar liquid with a hand whisk at medium heat.
  • Add durian flesh, mix well then add full cream milk and let it boil again ~ off heat and add in egg yellow coloring, continue to stir for another 3 minutes. Pour filling liquid into a 8" cake tray to set.
  • After the filling is set, cut to required size and use a small knife roughly scratch the surface lightly.

Durian Skin Ingredients
1100ml Water
180g Sugar
18g Agar Agar powder
250g Durian flesh - blend fine
300ml Full cream milk

refer to the method of making Lychee Agar Agar Mooncake for more details
  • Boil water, sugar salt and agar agar powder together and keep stirring the agar agar liquid with a hand whisk at medium heat.
  • Add durian flesh, mix well then add full cream milk and let it boil again ~ off heat continue to stir for another 3 minutes.
  • Pour some liquid into molds.
  • Place one piece of filling in each mold, then fill up the molds.
  • Put the molds in the fridge to set.

Durian Agar Agar Mooncake on Foodista


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  1. Wow...Ann, you are so creative! This mooncake is perfect for the durian lover :) The molds are beautiful.

  2. This moon cake looks so heavenly and an easy recipe too! And you have a beautiful blog dear!
    Sinfully Spicy

  3. Hi Anncoo,

    I love these agar agar mooncakes, cos durian is my favourite food. In fact my whole family loves durians =] Yours are very well made and inviting. Thanks a lot for sharing this preious gem.

  4. Durian is my favourite. These agar2 are so perfect for me. Love your tray too.. really fit for the agar2 mooncake :)

  5. I can smell it now. It must be delicious! Happy Mooncake Festival in advance!

  6. I love durian, this mooncake must be delicious ^_^

  7. I am a durian fan, this would work well for my tastebuds.... Love how the surface pattern shine so beautifully in your photo!

    Sawadee from Bangkok,

  8. That's a dainty lovely dessert that I can even smell it from here, yums!

    Just one question, how do you blend the durian flesh? Did you add any liquid to it? I'm afraid that my blender blade won't move if it's just the durian flesh, thanks in advance.

  9. I would rather not eat my normal meals but to go for these :D They look irresistible, especially with durians! Maybe I should just be happy to make mango ones :D

  10. 这个一定很好吃


  11. I like.

    The agar-agar mooncake is like crystal jade to m, very pretty. I like the 中秋月饼 mould too。

  12. This is the first time to see agar-agar moonkaces! Thank you for the beautiful autumn treat :)

  13. durian again! haha... i dont like durian but will love to try out for my friends. Still not try ur durian tarts. Am thinking of baking it this coming Sat for my home party :)

  14. I miss eating this type of refreshing mooncakes and even better having durian in it. I have a question. Do you have to let the agar agar set up a bit before putting the filling in and then pour in the rest of the agar agar on top?

  15. This is indeed a durian delight! Very pleasing to durian lovers and I am one!

  16. Ann, these are soo pretty! And it's durian too! What's not to love?! I can have a couple in one go...yummy!Thanks for sharing this recipe. ;)

  17. I loves durian very much... This year, i'm lazy, so not doing any mooncake...

  18. Beautiful moon cakes. Never tried durian yet. But I'd love to try these.

  19. 想必一定好好吃哦!趁着还没这么多人。。。嘻嘻。悄悄拿一个回家慢慢享用~哈哈;P

  20. Thats a very gorgeous looking dessert! The moulds are beautiful!

  21. you are so so so creative! This looks more "do-able" than the real mooncakes to me haha ... and much healthier too :)

  22. Oh, my favourite durian :) So lovely, great job!

  23. m。。。yummy。。~Happy Mooncake Festival~

  24. Ann, these sound so tempting! Durian agar-agar mooncake! Hmmm....Today, I saw some durian flavour lotus paste at the store but not going to buy it. My kids prefer the dragon fruit flavour paste. All other lotus paste already sold out. Hopefully, the new stocks will be coming in soon.
    Enjoy your evening.
    Cheers, Kristy

  25. OMG! Love this Ann ... I am a fans of durian. I will borrow your recipe :)

  26. wow those cute moon cakes looks so adorable ...beautiful recipe ..thanks for sharing dear


  27. Thanks ALL for leaving your lovely comments. Hope all durian lovers will try this recipe ;D

    HK Choo ~ Thanks! I just blend the durian but you can blend the durian with little milk to make it smooth.

    Mary ~ hehee...I also tried it with mango before.

    J.O. ~ 我们这里还是看到很多榴莲,要不要寄些榴莲给你。。。呵呵。。

    Angel ~ I bought that mold many years ago from Sunlik.

    TLS ~ Thanks :)

    Jane ~ Hope your friends will like the durian tarts ;D

    Gert ~ No, I didn't wait for the agar agar to set first. Please take a look at my Lychee Agar Agar, you can still see a little of the filling from the outside.

    BeeBee ~ I can share some with you :)

    金77~ 欢迎你来拿 ;DD

    Wiffy ~ can make any flavor you like besides durian.

    Rena ~ Same to you too.

    Kristy ~ There are so many flavors like honeydew, passionfruit, green tea, dates...etc. I already bought few flavors will make some snowskin mooncake.

    Lia ~ I want to see your post soon and I love your guest post at Ann's blog. The bento looks so lovely.

  28. Ann! I think my heart just skipped a beat! I love durian and I love these durian mooncakes. To be honest, I'm not a huge mooncake fan (long story) but these definitely are no ordinary mooncakes! My gosh I want some right now! I'll surely have to bookmark this. Thank you for sharing. These are beautiful!

  29. Love durian, love agar-gar but never thought of combining them! yum!

  30. Oh my, where on earth do you get your molds from, they are gorgeous! I wish I could make this but agar agar and durian flesh are not things that are sold around here.

  31. I am really fascinated by this whole agar agar moon cake fad.... I guess it is more easy to make than the traditional moon cake and is less fattening! Love the lychee version.

  32. I've always wanted to try this type of mooncake as I don't like the traditional wrapper very much. Yours look great!

  33. Cute n beautiful looking mooncakes..

  34. Ann, you're so lucky to get all those flavour lotus paste! I'm so envy! The store owner said they don't want to keep stocks for other flavour fillings and some more the mould patterns also limited. Btw, do you know where to get butterscotch chips in S'pore? Jess @ Bakerlicious are also looking up for me but I think maybe you know better since you cook very often. Thanks alot!

  35. I'm not a durian lover but this looks so cute. Love the mould with Chinese characters! Where did u get those from?

  36. Ann, these aga aga mooncakes are so pretty, my daughter asking for it but I am too lazy to make :P.

  37. You are very very creative. I would never thought of combining durian and agar-agar in a mooncake. You can sell these, seriously.

  38. How creative! I really love how they look...shiny and smooth!

  39. Oh they are perfect for durian lovers!

  40. yummy neh...i like durian mooncake.
    haiz...can see but cannot eat...sad loh.

  41. sure to smell heavenly! so beautiful!

  42. I don't really like eating real mooncakes but always think they look pretty. Agar-agar mooncakes are just the right thing for me, because I love agar-agar...:)!

  43. Congrats Ann! We simply did durian festive here :)

    Now, I'm wondering where I can get the moulds. So cute!

  44. Thank ALL for taking your time to read this post.

    Lequan ~ hehee...thank you very much for your support and compliments.

    Kristin ~ These molds are available in Asian like HongKong, Malaysia, Taiwan and Singapore.

    Shirley ~ It is refreshing to have agar agar for our hot weather and I had even tried to make mango flavor too.

    Kristy ~ Hope you get your butterscotch chips soon :)

    Blackswan ~ I bought the mold in Singapore many years ago but I don't it is available now for this design.

    Jess ~ You should let me know earlier, I don't mind to share with you but now...吃完了 :))

    Tigerfish ~ want to be my first customer ;DD

    Angie ~ Thanks :)

    Michelle ~ Don't be sad, just come to Singapore ;)

    Cooking Gallery ~ Can you find agar agar powder in your country?

    Peppy ~'re right. Let me check whether the molds are still available or not.

  45. Anncoo, your version of mooncake is SO SO cute...lovely...and the photos are awesome!

  46. Congratulations on making the Food Buzz top 9! Your mooncakes are lovely! I would like to try to make agar agar mooncakes, but need to find a mold, that's why I didn't try making these yet. I made some other ones without a mold and they tasted fine just not as pretty! I have never tried durian yet, it's on my list! I really want to make your lychee ones or maybe use passionfruit or guava (I have guava paste).

    Again these are stunning and it really makes me want to take a bite! Yum!!

  47. Congrats Ann for the top 9, you deserve it! :)
    Agar-agar moncake, love them! So creative!

  48. A very unique and refreshing mooncake that I would love to try eventhough I don't like durian!

    Congrats on Top 9 - the first time is always the best :)

  49. Look at all these mooncakes! So pretty to look at.

  50. Congrats Foodbuzz Top 9 :) . This is so good...Durian Agar Agar mooncakes ! Thanks for shring the recipe . Well done :)