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Prune Cupcakes


Remember I baked a Prune Cheesecake three months ago? And this time I used Prune again to bake into Cupcakes for afternoon tea and it was soft and moist with rum added in it that my family really enjoyed very much.

Printable recipe
Here is the recipe

100g Butter - melted
3 Large eggs

175g Plain flour - sifted
1 tsp Baking powder

180g Prunes - cut to small pieces
1 tbsp Rum compound or liqueur
1 tsp Vanilla extract
125g Brown sugar
1 tsp Baking soda
50ml Fresh milk


  • Beat prunes, sugar, rum compound and baking soda till thick and sticky then slowly add in 50ml milk, mix well.
  • Add in eggs one at a time and mix well.
  • Then use hand whisk to mix in the sifted flour and baking powder.
  • Lastly add in melted butter and mix well.
  • Pour into paper cups about 3/4 full and decorate with a prune (flatten) on top.
  • Bake in preheated oven at 180C for about 25 mins.
  • Leave cake to cool and dust some icing sugar or snow powder on top.
  • Enjoy this Prune Cupcake with a cup of hot coffee.

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  1. Hey Ann,

    I've never tried a prune cupcake before, very interesting. And did you say rum? I think you said the magic word for me ;-). I love that cute cupcake holder too.

  2. The prune cupcakes looks so fluffy and nicely rised. Love it !:) Thanks.

  3. sofa ? i like this kind of cup cake too.

  4. Interesting prune cup cakes - very curious how it taste like. I have tried prune kueh lapis but not any other cakes with prunes.

  5. prunes are so underused. I am making a recipe today with prunes and red vine. Fantastic little cups!

  6. olala...anncoo, you are a baking queen in my mind. Are these prunes Damsons plums?

  7. Beautiful prune cupcakes! Never tried it before ... yours baking always so interesting and yum :)

  8. Lovely prunes in the cupcakes, the taste must be delicious too!

  9. The prune cupcakes look very good, I'd like to have it with a cup of hot tea.

    I like the idea to add Rum, I think prune also goes well with cinammon.

    I have a tub of prune sitting in my fridge for the longest time, I plan to bake a prune cake (since long time ago) using another recipe but now after seeing ur beautiful bake I think to switch to ur. hehehe.

  10. The earlier prune cheese cake is more photogenic. Usually I just eat prune as snack.

  11. very pretty cupcakes goes well for my teabreak!

  12. I have never eaten prune cakes, but I love snacking prunes, so I can imagine that I would love prune cupcakes too...!:)

  13. I have never tried Prune cupcakes but after seeing this recipe feel like giving it a try :-)

  14. Prune with rum... must be super duper yummy...

  15. Have bookmarked this recipe! Looks great and prunes are nutritious!

  16. Wow, it's dinner time! Not yet taken anything. Can I have some of your lucious cupcake? Hope you're enjoying your evening.
    Cheers, kristy

  17. Your cupcakes look delicious, I haven't tried any recipes with prunes before. Bookmark this and will bake as soon as I got my prunes ready.

  18. Lequan ~ rum goes well with prune. Check my bakes with prune with rum added in it.

    Bren ~ try it if you likes prunes.

    苏联妈妈~ 谢谢哦!

    Chris ~I'm sure you'll love this.

    Jelena ~ Oh really! I must take a look ;D

    Angie ~ I'm so flattered by your compliments :) This is sweetened prunes.

    Lia ~ Thanks a lot.

    DG ~ I love prunes and this is my favorite :)

    Angel ~ try my prune cheesecake. I cook the prunes with rum. Good idea of adding cinnamon to the prunes.

    Little Inbox ~ Thank you for your comment.

    Jess ~ Thanks!

    Cooking Gallery ~ I'm sure you'll love this cake.

    Sharon, Rachana, Esther ~try this if you've time.

    Cheah ~ Hope you like it.

    Kristy ~ Thank you! Have a great weekend.

    Min ~ Hope to see your post soon :)

  19. Prune in cupcakes is both sweet and healthy! Wish I could knock your door with a cuppa :))

    Happy weekend x

  20. I'm speachless, your cupcakes are very original!

  21. wow, prune cake is surely delicious!

  22. I have never tried prune in cakes but it must be moist and delicious. Those are cute cupcake liners :)

  23. I am definitely for cupcakes without frosting and cream but with prunes :)

  24. You know at first glance those prunes almost look like a little dollop of chocolate frosting haha. Despite my confusion, I'd love to get a taste of this fruity treat now that I know it's true identity.

  25. very interesting! I like the addition of rum, sounds yummy!

  26. Love the sweetness of prune. Your cupcakes are fab, moist and soft. I'd really love to have one for tea. :)

  27. Prune cupcakes are a great idea! Would love to try!

  28. Prunes are so underrated, I love them! They're especially good with chocolate.

  29. Ann, my dad loves prunes, so I bet he is gonna love this! Thanks so much fir sharing this, will try it out later since I am visiting my parents later. :)

  30. Oooh...looks moist and delicious. Wish I'm there to join you for fine day :D This is a very healthy cake. They look so cute like wearing a black hat on top D

  31. I've never been a fan of prunes or plums...but now I'm going to visit the store tomorrow to bake these! Lovely idea!

  32. Ann, I just saw the prune butter cake in one of the cookbook and you made it for cupcake! making me hand itchy leh :P.

  33. Certainly looks moist and good. Reminds me of the date and walnut cake I used to baked.

  34. I agree, prunes make lovely addition in cakes!

  35. I never would of thought to use prunes! The look lovely though and I would love to eat one!

  36. I love this cupcake idea! Beautiful photos too!

  37. These cupcakes are extra healthy with the fiber that prune gives :)

  38. 来咯~我飞过来吃好料了。哈哈。。。请问Prune Cupcakes还有我的份吗?!!>.< 好久不见,你好吗?;)

  39. hello annco this is also the season of prunes in france and I love to cook them thanks for the recipe !pierre

  40. So nice of you to stop by. I have been away from blogs from a long time and you were the first to leave me a comment. Thank you! :)

  41. not sure if i'll like prunes in my cakes, but you are certainly making me change my mind with such yummy cupcakes! :)

  42. hmmn.. prune to try this one, it looks so moist and yummy! :)

  43. 最近忙的人仰马翻, 不多说, 吃了你的CUPCAKE再继续努力!!!

  44. The cup cake cases look eye-catching and so very pretty! I am yet to get my hands on a packet of prunes,the cupcakes look inviting..

  45. Anncoo...this is a lovely cupcake recipe. Healthy and with the rum added..I am sure it taste good too ! Thanks for the recipe :)

  46. LS~ door is always open for you :)

    Tania ~ Thank you!

    Biren ~ you must try to use prune in cakes one'll love it!

    Tigerfish ~ I also don't like cake with frost. Usually remove the cream.

    Xiaolu ~ hahaa...really!

    Ann ~ It's really yummy adding rum to the prune. No regret!

    Christine ~ Thank you for your comment.

    Natasha ~ Thank you, nice to see you here.

    Brilynn ~Thanks.

    Bee Bee ~ Try this, I'm sure your dad will love it.

  47. Mary ~ Thanks, that's a nice compliments...hahaa..

    Sophia ~ Thanks for visiting again.

    Jess ~ Oh prune butter cake! Are you going to bake it?

    Busygran ~ Date and walnut? Sounds interesting, did you post it?

    Petite ~ Thank you!

    Lyndsey ~ Try this, you will love it.

    Lisa ~ Thanks :)

    Wiffy ~ you're right!

    金77~ 哇!真的好久没看到你了,快点过来,我随时可以做给你吃 *.*

    Pierre ~ You're welcome.

    Murasaik ~ Hi, miss your posts.

    Faithy ~ If you like prune lapis, you'll any prunes in any cakes.

    Olive ~ Thanks!

    Wendy ~ 不要累坏了,来我家歇一歇。

    Suma ~ Thanks :)

    Elin ~ ;DD

  48. Wow, prune again!! I love it so much!

  49. Cherry Potato ~ hehee...yes I love prune. My offer is still open to you, just email me..OK?

  50. These are gorgeous, and what a fantastic flavor combination :)

  51. Hi Anncoo,

    Have come to the right place...Love baking...Joined in...Love those cup cakessssssssssssssssssssss...:)


  52. The only time I have had prunes in cake is in kueh lapis during CNY!

  53. Prune cupcakes...never had it, but would love to try them...looks so pretty and must taste as good as it looks...beautiful presentation Anncoo :-)

  54. Tigerfish ~ I love prune kueh lapis too. Will try to make it for CNY if I got the time.

    Juliana ~ Thanks!

  55. Ann, I used to eat prunes for snack when I still worked at the kichen. But never eat prune cupcakes

  56. Healthy and delicious! Have you tried making borwnies with prunes?

  57. @pigpigscorner
    Ann, you're say brownies with prunes? I would definitely like to try it. Do you have a recipe to share? :))

  58. Love cute cupcakes and this is definitely one of them! Reminded me of Prune Kuih Lapis :D The polka dot green cups are a winner too!

  59. Thank you Min. Have a try, this is very nice.