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Aglio Olio 简易健康意粉


Hi All,
I hope all of you had a wonderful new year holiday with your loved ones and I wish that the year 2014 will bring you happiness and prosperity the whole year through. For my first post of 2014, I'm sharing with you this very easy and healthy Aglio Olio that I whipped up using leftover ingredients. There are no exact measurement in the ingredients, just my estimation. So if you really want to try this recipe just add any ingredients you have on hand. After making this simple meal, I'm also using the same ingredients for my morning breakfast. Please stay tuned for my next post.

Aglio Olio

    Ingredients: serves 3
     220g Pasta of  your own choice
     100g Shitake mushrooms, sliced
     3 tbsp Garlic, chopped
     3-4 slices Ham
     1/2 cup Extra virgin olive oil
     100g Broccoli, blanch and cut small
     10 cherry tomatoes

  • Cook the pasta in lightly salted water with a tough of oil according to the instruction on the package. Drain and set aside.
  • Saute the garlic with half of the olive oil under medium heat, add mushrooms with a pinch of salt. Fry mushrooms until fragrant and add in ham. Lower heat and pour in the remaining olive oil and stir well.
  • Lastly add in pasta, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and toss well with mushroom mixtures. Add salt and black pepper to taste and serve immediately.

Aglio Olio 简易健康意粉

     220克 意大利粉
     100克 香菇,切成片状
     3大汤匙 蒜蓉
     3-4片 火腿,切条
     1/2杯 橄榄油
     100克 西兰花,汆水,切小
     10粒 小番茄

  • 意粉按包装指示的时间用油盐煮熟,沥干。
  • 将锅以中火加热,倒入一半的橄榄油,将蒜蓉及香菇,撒入少许的盐炒出香味(大概3-4分钟)。然后加入火腿拌匀,倒入剩下的橄榄油以小火拌均匀。
  • 最后把意粉,西兰花,番茄和香菇料拌在一起,再加入少许的盐和黑胡椒粉即可享用。
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Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead!


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  1. 喜欢这道pasta,健康好吃。。

  2. 您好。ann,新年快乐。

  3. yummy dish for christmas,simple and delicious ^_^

  4. looks like an absolutely simple and light pasta dish... lovely!

  5. 很喜欢这样的意大利面,谢谢分享。

  6. I like Aglio Olio and you make it looks so yummy. Next time I pass you the Naturel Spaghetti for you to try.

  7. 看到就想吃了,嘻嘻嘻~

  8. Ann姐姐

  9. Hello Ann, we are always been taught not to waste food. This is a great recipe to be shared around. The pasta looks light & I love it!

  10. Happy New Year Ann ! ya I should also cook more healthy foods from this new year onwards, hehehe..

  11. A simple and delicious pasta dish, Ann.

  12. Delicious! happy new year to you!

  13. I love this simple and pretty delicious pasta , Anne !

    Here's wishing you and your family a Happy , Healthy and a Prosperous 2014 !!!

  14. My kids love pasta. And yours look so light and refreshing. A perfect start for the New Year for sure! ;)

  15. Hey Ann, happy new year 2014 :)! I haven't visited for some time and look at your blog now, it looks so lovely and your photos are beautiful too, good job :)!! We have been blogging for some time now, how time flies and this makes me feel nostalgic, I feel like the only one who hasn't modernised my blog yet, lol;). Been mostly MIA in 2013, hopefully I can get more active again in 2014 :).

  16. 这款健康的Aglio Olio我也爱!

  17. Ann, that's the most beautiful leftovers I have ever seen!

  18. Hi Ann, Can i ask you 1/2 cup Extra virgin olive oil, 1/2 cup is equals to roughly how many ml ? any measurement?
    Btw, good and nice spagethi olio.. love it.

    1. Hi Apple Bake, 1/2 cup is 125ml and 1 cup is 250ml.
      Thank you, hope you like this meal :)