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Osmanthus Jelly 桂花糕

Osmanthus fragrans is a flower native to China that is valued for its delicate fruity-floral apricot aroma. It is especially valued as an additive for tea and desserts, which contain lonone, capric acid lipids, linalool as well as vitamins.
In Chinese cuisine, the flowers are also used to produce osmanthus-scented jam (called guì huā jiàng, 桂花醬 or 桂花酱), sweet cakes (called guì huā gāo, 桂花糕), dumplings, soups, and even liquor (called guì huā jiǔ, 桂花酒; or 桂花陈酒, guì huā chén jiǔ). refer wiki and read more from here

Here is the recipe

1 packet Agar Agar powder + 1/4 tsp Gelatin powder
1 Litre Water
180g Sugar
1 tbsp + 1 tsp Dried Osmanthus
3 tbsp Osmanthus sugar syrup

  • In a pot add water, sugar, agar agar powder and gelatin powder at medium boil.
  • Add dried Osmanthus when sugar, agar agar powder and gelatin powder dissolved.
  • Keep stirring the mixture with a hand whisk until liquid boiled.
  • Off heat add Osmanthus sugar syrup and continue to stir liquid for another 3 mins.
  • Pour Osmanthus jelly into molds. When the jelly is semi-set, use a small teaspoon gently stir the jelly so that the Osmanthus will stay afloat in the middle.
  • Leave to cool at room temperature and refrigerate Osmanthus jelly to set.


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Osmanthus sugar syrup and Dried Osmanthus are available at Yue Hua 裕华百货

Osmanthus Jelly 桂花糕 on Foodista


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  1. first time saw this jam. Normally bought the loose pack one like chrysanthenum flower. Last week my friend did this for our gathering. It taste really good. She add in goji berries as well :)

  2. these jellies are exquisite Ann! love them!

  3. First time seeing flowers in jelly, this is so pretty!!!

  4. Very beautiful jelly, didn't know must buy the sugar syrup separately... ^_^

  5. I had this in HK and loved it! I can't seem to find any osmanthus here =(

  6. I don't think I have heard or seen of these tiny flowers. I hope to try it one day. Definitely I will eat all the agar agar :D

  7. I've never heard of this before but.. WOW! It looks beautiful, Anncoo! :)

  8. That is so pretty I'd almost be afriad to eat it. Almost!

  9. Wow. I highly doubt I can find that here at the one Asian supermarket. =P These are gorgeous! The color is magnificent.

  10. I have seen bloggers using this flower in jellies but have not seen it in real. Yours looks so gorgeous!

  11. Jane ~ This osmanthus sugar is very fragrant. Can be added into dessert as sauce too. Please Noobcook blog, she also added wolfberries.

    Jess ~ Thanks.

    Ah Tze ~ Very nice, you can buy the dried osmanthus from Kwang Cheong Thye. Without the osmanthus sugar also tastes good.

    Esther ~ 可以不加,不过加了会更香。

    Ann ~ You can try at the Chinese medical shop.

    Paula, Dinetonite ~ Thanks.

    Mary, Olive ~ Osmanthus jelly is very popular in HK and Taiwan and it is very fragrant.

    Claudia, Thank you.

    Belinda ~ Try the Chinese Medical Shop, you might find it there.

    Jeannie ~ Thanks! You can't find this in Malaysia?

  12. Beautiful jelly, I would like to taste it :)
    Happy Weekend!

  13. This is beautiful! I have some osmanthus that someone sent to me. i was looking for something to make with it!

  14. Ann, The looks so lovely. I must go to Chinese medicine shop to find osmanthus and make this. I wonder if I tell them in English if they know what it is.

  15. Lani ~ You can definitely find this in Taiwan.

    Lyndsey ~ hehee.. I was thinking of making this into cake.

    Quay Po ~ hahaa..I don't think the shopkeeper will understand you. Copy the Chinese words from here and show him.

  16. That is one gorgeous Jelly I've seen! I would rather keep them safe in my shelf than lovely! :D

  17. These are possibly the prettiest jellies I've seen! I love the delicate osmanthus. I am saving this to show my mom - after searching a long time, she finally found osmanthus in a tea shop recently and was soo happy (until that time, I didn't even know about it, she had to explain to me how much she like it as a tea :)).

  18. I also used 桂花 quite recently! I did not know what it contains though (e.g the lipids, vitamins, etc.)- thanks for sharing

  19. Hi Ann,

    I don't think I have ever tried these flowers before. I'm quite intrigued by your post and will definitely look for these next time I go grocery shopping. Your presentation makes me want to go running for a spoon to gobble this up. Thanks for sharing this new ingredient with me.

  20. I wanted to make jelly with my balance osmanthus but I keep forgetting. I might make this for our Christmas gathering.

  21. I love the fragrance of osmanthus. But we can't easily find them here. If I can spot some dried ones, they are quite expensive. I think they are more cheaper in HK, Malaysia or Singapore.

  22. I recently rediscovered my love for osmanthus when my friend's mom put some syrup on fresh strawberries. Sadly I can't find any of this syrup around here. Your jellies look very yummy!

  23. these jellies look so pretty and interesting too, but i havent come across the osmanthus sugar syrup over here, does this product comes from tw?

  24. The jelly is beautiful and I know the jelly must be very fragrant. One of my favorite oolongs is the osmanthus tea. I have a hard time finding this tea at the stores but I did manage to buy some when I was in Japan recently :)

  25. I got some osmanthus flower from KCT too... Thanks for sharing this recipe!!! :) If I omit the osmanthus sugar syrup, do I need to replace with anything else? :)

  26. this look like a piece of art, really gorgeous, i must get some osmanthus to make this jelly soon. thanks for sharing.

  27. Thanks everyone for taking your time to read this post and am so glad you loved it.

    Jude ~ Osmanthus is not easy to find in the West I think. No wonder your mom was so happy :)

    Tigerfish ~ Oops! I got the info from the websites...also not very sure about "lipids" ~ better take a look again and will provide the link.

    Lequan ~ You're welcome. Hope you can get the osmanthus soon.

    Christine ~ It's quite cheap here, $3.00 for 50g.

    Xiaolu ~ Did you ask your friend's mom where you got the syrup?

    Lena ~ I think in Taiwan they called osmanthus paste. The one I have here were imported from China.

    Biren ~ I think I saw osmanthus tea at the same store but I didn't buy it. Will get it when I visit the store again.

    Hanushi ~ Is OK without the syrup. You can increase a little more of sugar in it if you like.

    Sonia ~ Thanks! Hope you can get the Osmanthus soon :)

  28. Very pretty! I like the way you combined agar and gelatine. :)

  29. Ummmm! Bet this is delicious! It looks great!

  30. 我这地方还没看过有卖咧,或许我试到这里的中药店找看看.很好奇桂花的味道是如何?

  31. Not sure if I would like the taste but they look so absolutely beautiful!

  32. I've been looking for osmanthus here and they don't seem to be available. I've only tried the tea but not in any other preparation.

    love the 2nd and 3rd photo

  33. 很特别~

  34. This is so special! I didn't know there is osmanthus-scented syrup! Will look for it next time. Thanks again for yet another lovely recipe Ann. :)

  35. Spectacular dish! They look like jewels of amber. What brilliant idea. I'd like to eat one right now! Thanks for sharing this vabulous recipe!

  36. This is indeed unique! Can imagine the refreshing after taste of this lovely jelly!

  37. Ann, your jelly is awesome! From those HK movies, this osmanthus goodies were only meant for the Emperors and it's a speciality. I saw those flowers during one of my China trips and they were indeed sweet smelling! Thanks for sharing, will hunt of the syrup in the medical shops.

  38. Murasaki, Pam, Angies, Simone:
    Thank you for your lovely comments.

    Cherry Potato ~ 桂花真的很香。我有一年在南京中山陵,那里就有很多桂花树,真的感觉到了一个世外桃源。

    The Kitchen Masochist ~ Hope you can try this one day.

    J.O. ~ 两种一起用,会比较香。只用干桂花也可以。

    BeeBee ~ You're welcome :)

    Michelangelo ~ Thank you.

    Susan ~ Thanks for visiting and your nice words.

    Hearty Bakes ~ Have a try :)

    Cheah ~ hahaa...I didn't know this is meant for Emperors. You can buy it from here, is quite cheap.

  39. Wow! I love your pictures....that sounds fantastic.

  40. WOWW jelly looks incredible!! Amazingly beautiful and exotic, great job!!

  41. dainty flowers on a jelly? hmm i might prolly just look at it and never bite it... it looks beautiful!

  42. Thanks Erica.

    Kimba, Malou ~ Thank you for your lovely words.

  43. thanks for the mention, your jelly looks superb. is the bottle osmanthus sugar? I've yet to find that in SG.

  44. Wiffy ~ Yes, I bought the dried osmanthus and osmanthus sugar at Yue Hua ~People's Park.

  45. Hi there,
    may i ask how much u pay for the bottle of sugar syrup ? thks

  46. @CheezyHeart
    $3.50 for the osmanthus sugar syrup and $4.00 for the dried osmanthus for 100g.
    BTW I can't get into your blog, is it locked?

  47. Hi Ann,

    Thks for ur reply :) Before receiving ur post, i was too eager to rush to yue hwa, bot the sugar syrup & osmanthus. the osmanthus is sold at $4 for 25g. did u get 100g? wow!! or just a typo error? ^^

    Btw, i realised the dried osmanthus has got many 杂质. did u rinse them before use? :)

    For my blog, i didn't open to public.. cos hasn't update anything :)

  48. @CheezyHeart
    Aiyoh! They are really suckers! Yes I weight the packet is 100g. Actually the first packet I bought was only $3.00 and when I went there the 2nd time within a week, the price changed to $4.00. I even protest at the cashier why the price changes so fast!! You can take a look at Bakericious's blog, the packet I gave her was 100g.
    Don't wash the dried osmanthus, just use straight away. This dessert must be sweet otherwise it won't taste nice. (can also omit the gelatin powder ~ no problem)
    Store the unused dried osmanthus in the fridge.

  49. Never heard of this flower before, but it name is so much like a Turkish male name 'Osman'. So funny! The jelly looks fantastic! The last photo is stunning! They look like candles, adorable!

  50. @zerrin
    hahaa...I remember my ex-classmate's name is also Osman but this is different. ;DD

  51. The jelly looks so inviting. I am thinking of making it with the osmanthus sugar only since dried osmanthus is not available where I live. Can you please tell me what is the weight of the packet of agar agar powder and what is the effect of the 1/4 teaspoon of gelatine on the jelly?

  52. @Tammy
    Hi Tammy, The agar agar powder is 13g per packet. I like to add a little gelatine to get the soft jelly bite but you can just add agar agar powder without the gelatine.

  53. Ann, I just bought a bottle of the sugar osmanthus from Sunlik. Do I need to buy dried flowers separately or can I use use the flowers (drained) from this bottle? Thanks!

    1. Ai Li, yes must use the dried flowers and it is very fragrant after boiled. Can get it at Kwong Cheong Thye or 裕华,Chinatown.
      It is better to strain the dried flowers after boiled because not many people enjoy the bite of this dried flowers.