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Orange Carrot Cake

Carrot cake is a cake which consists mixed with batter. The carrot softens in the cooking process and the cake usually has a soft, dense texture. This is the second time I baked this soft and moist carrot cake (the first carrot cake here)  but this time I added orange juice, orange zest and with a hint cinnamon in the cake. It is also very easy to make this cake with just using a hand whisk and a rubber spatula to mix the batter well and  in just with a couple of minutes it is ready to bake.

Here is the recipe

160g Brown Sugar
3 Eggs
1/2 cup Corn oil or any vegetable oil (not peanut oil)
150g Carrot
100g Raisins
1 tbsp Orange zest
4 tbsp Orange juice (fresh)
180g Plain flour
1 tsp Baking soda
1tsp Ground cinnamon


  • Line a 7 inch square tin at all sides.
  • Peel carrot and grate into shreds.
  • Gently mix brown sugar, corn oil, orange juice and eggs till combined. Add shredded carrot, raisins and orange zest and mix well.
  • Sift flour, baking soda and ground cinnamon together. Fold into the wet ingredients.
  • Bake in preheated oven at 175C for 40-45 mins or use a skewer inserted into the the center of the cake comes out clean. Leave cake to cool and dust some icing sugar or snow powder on top.
  •  Place the cake in an airtight container and store it  in the refrigerator, you will find the cake is still soft and fresh even after five days.

Kitchen note: For better cut of the cake, it is better to chill the cake for about an hour or more, as you can see my cake is quite crumbly because I can't wait to taste it ;D

Carrot Orange Cake on Foodista


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  1. I just logged-in and I saw your carrot cake. I finished mine liao - very good. I have to bake this myself if I want more! haha

  2. hi ann, i've made non bake cheesecake with apple syrup yesterday, the recipe that I've took from yr blog. the taste was so good, me & my family really love it especially my daughter. thank you so much for sharing the marvelous recipe & your blog always inpiring me in making desserts & cakes..

  3. I just saw Shirley prepare dim sum carrot cake, and come to your house you serve western carrot cake, i feel so hungry, wish i can have a slice of your yummy cake.

  4. Ann, I really have no mood to prepare today's lunch. Probably will make something simple like tong sui & noodle! he... Lazy momsie. Your cake looks really moist & luscious. I want this for my brunch too. Yummm.... Hope you're enjoying your day.

  5. @Yummy Bakes

    Thanks Chris, so glad you enjoyed this cake :)

  6. Look Yummy....Yes...I love carrot!!This coming weekend want to try!!

  7. @K.Nor

    Hi Nor, Thanks for trying my recipe and your cheesecake looks stunning... I'm totally speechless ;D

  8. @Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover)

    Sonia, hehee... this is east meet west ;) I can always bake a fresh for you when you are here.

  9. @My Little Space

    Kristy, I also lazy to cook sometime. Take care & have a good rest :)

  10. As usual, your cake looks so ridiculously moist!

  11. Carrot cake is always my fav in either Western or Asian way. Yours looks very delicious being so packed with lots of fruity taste!

  12. this must be the one i saw in yummy koh's blog earlier. Nice piece of cake! everyone loves easy recipes!

  13. Looks so moist and delicious! It is almost bed time here and you are making me crave for a slice of cake now.

  14. I like to have citrus flavor in the carrot cake. :)

  15. 我也喜欢这样简单健康的蛋糕呢,要加入我长长的LIST里了:P

  16. Oh this is delicious! I like this carrot cake/poundcake (I think Japanese people make this way too) rather than American carrot (round) cake. It'll go well with my afternoon tea/coffee.

  17. I am going to try this .Looks so inviting

  18. 另一款健康的蛋糕。我没试过carrot蛋糕,因为我不吃carrot。

  19. Hi Ann! Beautiful yummy carrot cake! :D
    I tried the carrot cake once, few years back and I love the taste and the texture of the cake! :D
    Tks for sharing this yummy recipe! ^.^

  20. 料很丰富的红萝卜蛋糕 ^_^

  21. I love carrot cake and the addition of orange flavors is just genius!

  22. Is the cake oily after baking since 1/2 cup oil is about 118ml? Is it advisable to reduce and how much to reduce? Or you think the recipe's amount of oil is just right? thks alot for your kind help.

  23. Wow, that looks delicious. I love the combination of flavours.

    Thank you for popping by my blog and voting for my flower at BHG. That was very sweet of you!

    Best wishes,

  24. @Anonymous
    Hi Liz, the cake is not oily after baked because the oil is absorbed by the baking sheet. Please take a look at my first carrot cake, it uses more oil than this one. Maybe you can reduce the oil to 100ml.

  25. Thanks for the great recipe. I tried this carrot orange cake this afternoon, but I substitute the orange with lemon. :)
    Thank you once again.

  26. @icafe
    Icafe, Thanks for trying this recipe and so happy you like it. Hope you post it soon :)

  27. Belinda, thank you very much for your compliment.

    Rebecca, Hope you make this one day.

    Zoe, yes I love both too.

    Lena,'re right. Thanks!

    Biren, time I'll post at 9pm Singapore time ;DD

    Little Inbox , me too especially with the cinnamon in it.

    小鲸,你的食谱也是很棒!也是在我的LIST里 :)

    Thanks Nami :)

    Thanks Padhu.

    Shan, 不喜欢carrot没关系,可以用你喜欢的干果。

    Lyn, thanks :)

    Esther, 要试试看吗?

    Xiaolu, thank you!

  28. I love carrot cake very much! I realized that you grate the carrot quite thick, next time can try to grate like yours, will give a better texture to the cake I think.

  29. Orange Carrot Cake,很特别。。之前做过Carrot Cake而已,加了orange味道更橙味香吧

  30. Thanks for sharing such great recipe. Will gather all ingredient and try on it.

  31. I check my blog the last tine I made carrot cake was almost one year ago. This is my kind of cake, bookmarked, hope to make this soon. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Oh! I love carrot cake, especially the cinnamon in it. If i grate the carrot thicker will i get a strong carrot taste. Usually, i will grate it very finely and add chopped walnuts. My son love to eat too.

  33. Ann I m trying myluck if i coule leave a message here. Been kickout so many times but i don't know why

  34. Love carrot cake. This is so healthy and I want to try this.

  35. @YHL
    Angie, thanks for informing me. I think is the Blogger's problem. 我看应该搬家了!

  36. Baked carrot cakes a couple of times, but I am very intrigued by your recipe which added orange juice and zest. Have to try this new invention :-)

  37. Your cake looks moist and yummy. Love the addition of raisins, adds a bit of sweetness to the cake.

  38. It's lunch time! Can i have a slice of it...please?? =P

  39. This looks easy to make, Ann. I go for simple and not complicated recipes and must admit your cake looks good .... full of nutrients!

  40. I saw your lovely carrot cake on Facebook and I've been meaning to get over here and comment;-) I love carrot cake with raisins and this one looks just perfect;-)

  41. Next time I make Carrot Meat Sauce and you make the cake and we share, ok? ;p

  42. Hi Ann :) I've always had a soft spot for carrot cake. Unfortunately I've never made it, not sure why. Yours looks really good and moist.

  43. The flavor combination u used is awsm and the cake looks moist!

  44. looks very healthy and yummy yeah...^_^

  45. I made a carrot cake not too long ago and yours is now giving me cravings. It looks super delicious and moist.

  46. Been a while since I bake my last cake...I should start moving my lazy bones lol! This looks simple and delicious....yummy!

  47. Min, I prefer to grate the carrot thicker because you still feel a little crunch on the carrot after baked.

    Joelyn, 试试看。。。。 加了orange 和cinnamon,吃多几片也不觉得腻。

    HS ~ You're welcome :)

    Angie ~ first carrot cake also made one year ago.

    Muimui ~ Actually is the crunch on the carrot, you can only taste the orange and cinnamon.

    Hi Kris, oh must try this, it is very yummy.

    LeQuan ~ Thanks!

    Coraine ~ Will share with you when I made this again because I already gave half of the cake to Yummy Bakes.

    Cheah ~ Hope you try this and the Cranberry Yogurt Cake. Both are delicious and healthy.

    Thanks Angie!

    Thanks Krithi :) I must hop over to your blog now...

    Thank you Pachecopatty :)

    Tigerfish ~ That sounds interesting. Let me know when you want to make Carrot Meat Sauce, I want to try it too.

    Nancy ~ Yes, you must try this soft and healthy cake. Everyone at home loved it!

    Kankana ~ Thanks!

    Sherleen ~ Thank you. How come didn't see you make any new posting lately? Still busy?

    Jo ~ Thanks.. I bet your carrot cake must be very yummy too.

    Jeannie ~ Don't be lazy lah.. I like your delicious cakes and cooked food :)

  48. What a delicious looking orange carrot cake. I like the ingredients you used in this cake.

  49. Hi Ann

    Sorry I've not been about in a while - been having a lot of computer trouble.

    Your carrot cake looks awesome and very moist. I love carrot cake.

    Oliver is poorly with chicken pox and doesnt have much appetite. He adores carrot cake too. MAybe I'll make some mini ones tomorrow.

    Thanks for sharing and have a super weekend x

  50. you're carrot cake looks so moist! I missed dropping by here..I've just been on a vacation!

  51. Ann, carrot cake is my family's all time favorite. I make it very often but never thought of combining carrot with orange. Your cakes looks moist and fluffy at the same time. My Quay Lo loves orange cake but I am not a big fan but then if I make your orange carrot cake, I can kill two birds with one stone. It has both flavors that we both like! :D

  52. thanks for your concern, ann...
    i'm coming back to my blog soon...^_^ see ya...

  53. healthy looking soft delicious cake looks wonderful

  54. Spoon and Chopsticks ~ Thank you! this is indeed very delicious :)

    Sarah-Jane ~ Hope Oliver will recovering soon and can try this carrot cake.

    Peachkins ~ Yes I saw on your site you went to China! Must be an enjoyable trip :)

    Quay Po,'re so smart :D

    Sherleen ~ Woo.. I can't wait to see your post soons.

    Torviewtoronto, Joy ~ Thank you!

  55. Ann, thot of baking this cake and give away as Christmas gift. Do you think its ok to add in walnut? 100gm enough if not how much? I do know there is some sour cream (or some cream)to spread on the carrot cake. Do you have the recipe? Thanks!

    1. Yes you can add walnut into it.
      I seldom do spreading on dry cake as I find them too sweet. You can check with other bloggers' site.
      BTW I'm taking a break off after tomorrow. Will be back in Jan 2013. You can subscribe me by adding your email address at the subscribe box to keep you updated.
      Wishing you have a Merry Christmas.

    2. Enjoy your holidays and blessed Christmas! I have subscribed you...hehe