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Mango Pomelo Sago Dessert 杨枝柑露


Mango which happens to be one of my favourite tropical fruit is in season now. As I still have some leftover mangoes after making the Mango and Pistachio Friands last week, I moved on to make this yummy Mango Pomelo Sago Dessert. I didn't use coconut milk, evaporated milk or whipping cream to make this dessert but used mango juice (store bought) and fresh mangoes instead. An easy method to combine everything together. So good to have a bowl of this cool refreshing dessert especially to beat the scorching hot weather.

Mango Pomelo Sago Dessert

    Ingredients: serves 3-4 persons
      300g Mango, skinned and chopped
      200ml Mango juice (I used Marigold Peel Fresh)
      200ml Fresh squeezed orange juice
      100g Pomelo, peeled and reserved pulps
      50g Sago pearls
      Extra mango cubes from 2-3 mangoes

  • Rinse sago pearl under running water in a sieve till water runs clear. Drain well and pour into a pot of 800ml water boiling water. Let it keep boiling for about 5 minutes and turn off the heat.
  • Cover the sago pearls with a lid for another 5 minutes or until you see the sago pearls become translucent. Pour out sago pearls into a sieve and rinse with cold water, drain well.
  • Blend 300g mango and mango juice to smooth puree. Combine squeezed orange juice and blend well again.
  • Combine mango mixture and sago pearls together in a large bowl or jar, stir well. Chill in the fridge for 2 hours or more.
  • To serve, pour mango dessert into individual serving bowl. Add about 2 tablespoons or more of mango cubes into it with pomelo pulps. For quicker way, you may also combine the mango cubes, pomelo and sago together with the mango puree and chill.


      300克 芒果肉,切丁
      200毫升 芒果汁 (超市买包装的)
      200毫升 鲜榨橙汁
      100克 西柚,将肉取出,折散备用
      50克 西米
      2-3个 芒果肉,切丁 (备用)

  • 先把西米放入过滤筛盛着用水冲洗干净,稍微滤干。倒入一锅煮开的800毫升热水里,大火煮至5分钟,熄火。
  • 盖上锅盖,把西米闷至透明。倒入过滤筛用冷水冲净,备用。
  • 300克的芒果肉和芒果汁放入搅拌器中,打滑。然后加入鲜橙汁,再搅打均匀即可。
  • 将芒果汁倒入一个大碗或瓶罐里和西米搅拌均匀。放入冰箱冷却最少两个小时。
  • 享用前,将芒果汁倒入小碗中,表面放上西柚果肉和芒果丁装饰即可。**也可以把西柚,芒果丁和芒果汁全部混合在一起,置入冰箱冷冻。
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         **清爽美味的杨枝柑露深受家人喜爱,很适合天气炎热时饮用,好吃又容易做,是一道大家不可 错过的甜品

    Enjoy & Hope you have a Wonderful Weekend Ahead!


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    1. so soothing.. i can already feel the enjoyment by looking at this dessert

    2. 现在是 mango 季节。我也好久没吃这个了。看了口水都流。

    3. Our favourite! Unfortunately I cannot eat now coz of a cough.

    4. Good morning Ann! Looking at your dessert I would raise my hands & feet to become your guest, haha! Mango isn't in season here now & how I wish I can have your mango pomelo dessert! Last time I used pineapple juice. Next time may be I should try the mango & orange juice.

    5. Ann, this dessert is so cooling! And mangoes happen to be my favourite fruit! I am sure craving for some now :)

    6. 我去港式甜品店必点的一道甜品,看妳的我现在突然好想喝哦。。。

    7. I loved mango but unfortunately they are out of season now. Your mango dessert looks so tempting and refreshing with mango juice instead of coconut milk.

    8. Ann..i love this dessert very much..thanks for yr recipe...i shall get hardworking and make this dessert some days..^^

    9. 这个也是我的超爱甜品,不管冷天还是热天,我都喜欢的不行。

    10. Totally refreshing and good for you too!

    11. 这道甜品我也喜欢, 家里也有一大堆的芒果, 可是没有推动力, 很懒!

    12. 这个甜品我很爱,恨不得可以伸手进去电脑里拿一碗出来当饭后甜品

    13. 嗯。。这个版本的多吃几碗都没有负担。我的最爱哦。嘻嘻~~

    14. Hi Ann, this is also my favourite and just nice for the hot weather..

    15. I am a HUGE fan of this dessert!!! I miss it so much! Thanks for sharing the recipe. I can't wait to try this!

    16. 我这里也是热到爆,来一碗用芒果汁做的杨枝金露,让我也解解渴吧!

    17. thats a very interesting desert,

    18. Just the thing for the scorching hot weather, how i wish it could appear in front of me right now!

    19. Ann, 这样美味的甜品,在这样炎热的天气出现,真的太好了!嘻嘻!

    20. Hi Ann,
      Thanks for sharing another mango recipe. I love that you uses mango juice instead of any other dairy products. I am going to make this too since there is still mangoes left ;D

    21. Wow, this is truly a delicious thirst quencher, Ann!

    22. Hi Ann, this dessert is refreshing. Oh yes it's mango season and thanks for sharing. Enjoy your weekend too ^-^!

    23. 最近的天气真的是热的叫救命,这个甜品正好可以解暑。

    24. this is my favorite dessert, so nice to have a bowl now.

    25. Look totally fantastic! Both photos and recipe!

    26. Ann, 这个甜品好诱人呀! 多希望现在可以吃一碗哦!