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Sweet Potato Green Tea Pancake Roll

This Sweet Potato Green Tea Pancake Roll is a beautiful, easy and healthy recipe that can be served for morning breakfast or afternoon snack. In the recipe only few ingredients are needed, you may also adjust the the amount of butter used. The texture of this sweet potato roll is very soft and tasted like  "angku kuih" with its naturally sweetness and green colour on the pancake ~ definitely a keeper! You can even chill this roll and serve as a cold snack too.

Here is the recipe adapted from 懂得吃就能保青春
Green Tea Pancake (*use 1/2 pancake recipe for 4 rolls)
 ~ the pan size is about 15 x 10 cm
120g Flour
2 tsp Green tea powder
1 tbsp Brown sugar
2 Eggs
300ml Low fat milk
2 tbsp melted butter

Potato Filling (makes 4 rolls)
350g Sweet potato (peeled)
2 tbsp Low fat milk
1 tbsp Soft butter

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  • Steam thinly sliced sweet potatoes for about 20 minutes or till soft. Mash them while hot with a fork, add low fat milk and butter, mix well, set aside.
  • First sieve flour and green powder, fold in brown sugar, then slowly add egg and milk stir well, then add 1 tbsp melted butter, mix well. Pass through a sift and rest for 10 minutes.
  • Spread little butter on frying pan at medium small heat, pour in a ladle of batter and spread evenly, let the pancake stand for about 1 minute.
  • Place pancake on the rolling mat. Add mashed potato at one side of the pancake and roll up.
  • Seal the opening with a little butter.
  • Turn the opening downward and put in the fry pan, fry slightly.
  • Cut pancake roll into pieces with a sharp knife and dust some green tea powder on it before serve.


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  13. @Angel @ Cook.Bake.Love
    Angel ~ yes better to minus the green tea powder especially for little ones.

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    Yummylittlecooks ~ Then you must try some. As you can tell I've a lot of recipes using green tea powder :D

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