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Savoury Pumpkin Kuih 蒸金瓜糕


After making two sweet kuih here and here, I still have some leftover pumpkin which is just nice enough to make one Savoury Pumpkin Kuih. It tasted so good that we finished three quarters of it within a day. This Pumpkin Kuih is almost the same as taro/yam kuih (Chinese steamed yam) which is usually taken as breakfast. It can be eaten steamed or panfried to give a crispy crust and eaten with a chilli sauce dip. The recipe here is very easy to follow. I added some minced chicken, dried shrimps, diced pumpkin, fried shallots and of course you need flour to go with it. I actually wanted to add fresh shallots and Chinese mushrooms but since I can't find any, I just added fried shallots which I found in my pantry. Adding in some Chinese mushrooms will certainly make the Pumpkin Kuih more flavourful.

   Savoury Pumpkin Kuih 

Ingredients: ( for 1 piece 8 inches round cake tin and grease with oil)
          150g Rice flour
          1 tbsp Plain flour
          1 tsp Salt
          1/2 tsp Chicken powder (No MSG added)
          1/2 tsp Sugar
          14oz/400ml Water

          200g Diced pumpkin
          50g Dried shrimps (soak for 10 mins and roughly chop)
          150g Minced chicken (season with little pepper and salt)
          4 nos Sliced Shallot
          dash of pepper

  • Mix rice flour, plain flour, salt, chicken powder, sugar and water together and set aside for 10 minutes.
  • Fry shallots and dried shrimps till fragrant with oil, add minced chicken fry till cooked then diced pumpkin with a dash of pepper, stir fry well for another 2-3 minutes.
  • Lower heat, stir well the flour water mixture and pour onto the ingredients. Off heat immediately once the mixture get into thick paste and mix well.
  • Pour mixture into prepared tin and press evenly. Steam at high heat for 30 minutes.
  • Leave Pumpkin Kuih to cool, remove and garnish with cut spring onion, fried shallots and fresh chillies on top.


I'm submitting this post to Aspiring Bakers #12: Traditional Kueh (October 2011) hosted by SSB of Small Small Baker.



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  1. Wow look at that toppings! So generous! only possible if home made.

  2. good morning~
    i've made this also^^
    my family love this so much.

  3. It's been quite a long time since I made one.Seeing your pumpkin kueh make me drool again :)

  4. Thanks for sharing this receipe.. it is much more healthier then Yam Kuih.

  5. 很美也很可口的金瓜糕啊!本来不是很饿的,看了忽然饿了,很想吃一口!加一点辣椒酱和甜酱。mmm。正!!

  6. wow, this is good!!! I wanna try it too, thanks for sharing ya...

  7. Nice idea! I didn't know that pumpkin could be used this way too :) Looks very appetizing!

  8. 我没有吃过金瓜糕涅~常看到的都是芋头高而已。。呵呵~ 你这金瓜糕馅料很丰富哦。。yummy!

  9. Very tantalising leh .... I want this for breakfast, pan-fried a little. Yum, yum ....

  10. 哇,好丰富的材料,

  11. This is my favourite when I was a little girl! My grandma and I love eating this kueh together...

    Your beautiful kueh reminds me a lot of my childhood :D

  12. kim kway kuih 金瓜糕 as the hokkiens call it and i like this too! good for breakfast and tea time!

  13. i made this recently too, both yam and pumpkin cake also good.

  14. wow...yours looks so nice. I tried making Yam Kuih twice. Both also failed. 1x was too watery. 1x wastoo hard

  15. This look delicious! Great if I can have this for tomorrow breakfast. ;p

  16. Yam kueh, carrot kueh or pumpkin kueh, I love them all! I love how you leave the chunks bigger so the pumpkin are visible. :) yum yum!

  17. I love the topping especially the shallots and spring onions. Sharp, clear clicks!

  18. you have minced chicken in here too...must be very tasty!

  19. Ann, the texture of your kuih looks really good. I wanted to use it in making taro kuih. Must be very tasty as well. :o)
    have a lovely day.

  20. Whoa!!! So pretty!! I love the toppings on the top - very elegant and looks so yummy Ann!

  21. This is stunning! I'm gonna kiv this & try it out :)

  22. 很喜欢上层材料的点缀

  23. Wow this one is new to me and like you said in your post, it does share so much of similarity to the taro cake huh or may be the radish cake, yum yum!

  24. wow very generous toppings!! I don't mind eating this for breakfast.

  25. 里面有块块的金瓜,自制的果然是真材实料 ^_^

  26. This is yummylicious! I love the last photo, that piece is going to my plate, right? :D

  27. This makes me so hungry. Where can I buy such a lovely pumpkin kueh!!

  28. Edith, hehee...because I love spring onion and fried shallot :)

    Bernice, 好喜欢你做的,煎过之后,更好吃。

    Yummylittlecooks, quickly start to make one lol! :))

    Thanks Bobo.

    Li Shuan, 不如我们交换。。。 很喜欢你做的croissant :D

    Hi Sze Sze, 欢迎你来拿 :D

    Thanks Jen.

    Rachel, 你可以用金瓜来代替芋头,或者一半一半,也可以。

  29. Chris, 吃完了!。。。 :DD

    小鱼,谢谢你的到来,喜欢什么,就随便拿 :D

    Zoe, same here :))

    Tiger, Too bad I can't pronounce in hokkiens probably but I know it is 金瓜糕 in Chinese.

    Small Kucing, Sorry that your making of yam kuih failed. You can refer my Steamed radish, can replace with yam.

    Happy Flour, I'll make another portion for breakfast :D

    Thanks Bee.

    Thank you Cheah :)

    Yes Lena, want to have more bite :D

    Kristy, I think making taro kuih, you have to steam the taro first because taro is harder than pumpkin.

    Thank you for your nice words, Nami :)

    Shirley, hope you make them soon :)


    Thanks Jessie & Gert, Esther:)

    Esther, 你换了中文明字,我差一点,认不出来 :D

    Ah Tze, 当然可以呀 :)

    Han Ker, The pumpkin kuih is available everywhere but the pumpkin

  30. What a colorful and unusual dish! Would love to try.

  31. The topping! is simply mouthwatering! What a stellar pumpkin recipe!

  32. I like this recipe. This looks fabulous. It doesn't look too hard to prepare. I wanna give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

    Spoon and Chopsticks

  33. I really had no choice but to click on this. It looks so, so good and nothing outside in the shops look anything like this.

  34. This looks yummilicious I want to try too!

  35. Anncoo...this is a lovely pumpkin kuih. I shall make this the next time I buy the pumpkin and thanks for sharing. I can't wait to see how the taste would be like :)

  36. this looks pretty ann, I am very impressed with your recipe =)

  37. Looks so delicious! I could help you to finish up the other quarter! :)

  38. I love the yam version so this must be good too! You decorate yours with so much scallion! Looks beautiful!

  39. This looks too good! Everything that comes from you look so good.

  40. I love pumpkin cake! My fave stall selling pumpkin cakes had moved and since then, I couldn't find any tasty ones again. ;(
    Tks for sharing this recipe, Ann! I shall try making it one of these days. ;)

  41. 料很丰富的金瓜糕。。。喜欢自己做的糕,总觉得外面的芋头糕还是萝卜糕都偷工减料。。

  42. Spoon and Chopsticks ~ You're welcome. Have a try, it is yummy and healthy :)

    hehee Jo, thank you! Home made is the best :))

    Beau Lotus,I'm there are lots of pumpkin around now... must try OK!

    Thanks Swee San :)

    Elin, The pumpkin is soft with a little sweetness. Best to pan fry them.

    Thank you Raquel.

    Joyce, let me make another and in inform you.

    Jeannie, you can also combine yam and pumpkin together if you like.

    Lite Home Bake, Thank you. I love your Aglio Aglio, looks very delicious.

    Lynn, this one no need to bake, so no excuse not to make :DD

    Yee Er, 外面的都加了很多粉,还是自家做的比较好吃 :)

  43. This is festive. I would love serving will make everyone smile!

  44. oh my goodness, Ann, this is such a unique and delicious idea. No wonder it was all gone in no time!

  45. I love seeing your recipes, Ann. They are so different from anything I have made. This is a very pretty meal.

  46. Wow.. your kuih looks absolutely delicious! I wish I could have a piece!

  47. 哇,哇。。。你的金瓜糕好足料哦!

  48. this is so colorful and looks yummy! thanks for sharing! the phots are awesome too!

  49. Thanks for sharing. I do have pumpkin in fridge so I can try this today.

  50. Look at the generous amount of toppings, yum yum! That's truly home-made goodness. My mum loves pumpkin, will make this for her, looks very delicious.

  51. Thanks Lyndsey. You can make this too as there too many pumpkins now in the market.

    Roxana, yes this is a very delicious snack :)

    Hi Sue, Thank you for stopping by :)

    Thank you Mary :) I move your smoothie, so refreshing.

    Thanks Mycookinghut.

    Cherry potato, 谢谢你。等你来哦!

    Hi Dudut Nice to see you again.

    HS Kitchen, have to try. Is not bad :)

    Hearty Bakes, Thank you. Hope you mum likes this snack :)

  52. OMG Ann this look absolutely delicious, I love thes etype of dish,love the colours! and the picture is beauty! gloria

  53. Lovely topping! This looks delicious Ann! Thanks for sharing and have a nice evening!

  54. 哇。。你这个糕太太太棒了!!

  55. Looks amazing!! This is my fave and I actually love it with Lingham chilli sauce too :) :)

  56. hehe i agree with the rest - the topping looks absolutely fantastic - such a colorful treat for the tummy!

  57. Oh wow, what a beautiful creation! Bravo!

  58. This looks so delicious! What a great idea to use pumpkin giving the dish added sweetness and color.

  59. 请问rice flour 是粘米粉吗?

    1. Rachel, 是的,rice flour 就是粘米粉。

  60. Ann, I made this on Thursday! It was great and everybody loved it! I didn't add in dried shrimps instead chinese sausage and chinese mushrooms were added. We all ate it with the chee cheong fun sweet sauce and Nasi Lemak chill sauce. It was yummylicious!!!! Thanks, Ann for sharing this recipe. It was my first attempt with Pumpkin and it was a success!!!!