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Mini Golden Chocolate Cakes and Giveaway

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you have had a great holiday and a jolly good time celebrating New Year's eve. I'm sure 2013 will be an awesome year which will also bring peace and happiness to everyone.
For my first post for 2013, I'm sharing with you these Mini Golden Chocolate Cakes. These 'Golden' Chocolate Cakes are made up of a combination of golden cheese powder and  valrhona cocoa powder. The mini cakes turned out soft and a little cheesy with the fragrance of chocolate as well. They're perfect for party as the baking time only takes about 12 minutes. You may not be able to find this golden cheese powder here because this cheese powder was brought back from Taiwan when my friend was holidaying there recently but you can definitely replace it with grated cheddar cheese instead. After reading the recipe, please stay put to join the giveaway below.

Mini Golden Chocolate Cakes

    Ingredients : makes 24

     80g Butter, softened
     80g Sugar
     1 tsp Vanilla extract
     2 tbsp Natural yoghurt/sour cream
     2 Eggs, 70g each
     120g Plain flour
     1 tsp Baking powder
     1/8 tsp Salt
     15g Golden cheese powder
     60g Fresh milk
     1 tbsp Valrhona cocoa powder mix with
     1 1/2 tbsp hot water as cocoa paste

  • Grease two mini muffin pans and set aside.
  • Sieve flour, baking powder and salt together, add golden cheese powder into it and mix them well, set aside.
  • In a mixing bowl, cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy, add 2 tbsp natural yoghurt, mix well. Add eggs one at a time and vanilla extract until well blended.
  • Add flour mixture and milk alternately into creamed mixture, beating well after each addition.
  • Divide batter into two portion. One portion mix well with cocoa paste.
  • Use a teaspoon and scoop chocolate mixture into mini cake pan half full and top up with plain batter.
  • Bake at preheated oven 180 degree C and bake for 10-12 minutes or when skewer inserted into cake and comes out clean. Remove cake from cake pan and leave to cool completely on wire rack.

You can find the golden cheese powder here in Taiwan

OK, friends and readers, first of all I want to express my heartfelt thanks for all your wonderful blog comments, support to Anncoo Journal and caring in my short absence from blogging last year.  To show my appreciation, I'm giving away these pretty key chains with quotation quotes and cutey fruit note pads to four lucky winners.

  • How to join:
  • Readers from Malaysia, Singapore, foreign countries (anyone in the world) and of course not forgetting my dear silent readers will each receive one key chain and a cutey fruit note pad .
  • To enter the giveaway, please leave your comment with your name, blog name or email address and state where are you from (which country).
  • Giveaway starts today 1st January and ends on next Monday 6th January 2013  9pm Singapore time.
  • The four lucky winners will be randomly picked through random.org and will be announced by next Wednesday 9th January 2013.

Good luck everyone and have a wonderful New Year 2013!


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  1. Oh please these are so lovely, I want!!!

    GOOD LUCK to you for the new year!!! May 2013 be the best and happiest year for you.

    Can I pm you my email and also my state?

    1. Happy New Year, Kopi Soh :)
      Please mention you're from S'pore or Malaysia.

  2. Diane, www.muminthemaking.com, Singapore

  3. Happy new year to you. I'm from Malaysia, www.jesdelicorner.blogspot.com

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    Please include me in your giveaway.

    Jane, Passionate About Baking from Singapore! :)

  8. Happy New Year~~Ann

    I'm from Malaysia.

  9. Happy New Year, Ann! May 2013 bring all good things to you and your family. I love those mini cakes, will try them soon. Oh, those gifts are so lovely but I am never lucky in this sort of thing. But who knows, eh? My email : phong.hong8@gmail.com. I'm from Malaysia :)

  10. These cakes are lovely!
    I'm a Finn living in Singapore :)

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  13. Happy New Year to you, Ann!! Wish you have plenty of health this awesome year 2013.

    Hopefully I'm lucky enough to win this. :)


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    Eileen, xy_lotus@yahoo.com, Singapore

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  17. Hi! Wish you n yr family a very happy, healthy n prosperous yr 2013.

    like to surf yr blog every morning n days. Yr recipes easily let me start my everyday life in cooking n baking without any doubts. Yr lovely n delicious recipes hv made my mother in law loves them so much. Thanks.

    Pauline, lian1212@yahoo.co.uk frm Kedah, Malaysia.

  18. Ann,
    礼物我就不拿了,来吃你的小蛋糕 :)

  19. hi ann.. happy new year to u & yr family.. nice knowing u although through intenet only :)

    i wanna join too.. just like Phong Hong, never lucky with any kind of thing hehe.. u've got my email already right? :)

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    Btw, the two tone chocolate and gold cake is very striking!


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    Cathy frm Cathy's Joy (Spore)

  22. Ur mini golden chocolate cakes looks delicious !
    Ling yuen chin, from Kuching, Malaysia
    Email: ling-yc@hotmail.com

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    Reanaclaire from http://reanaclaire.com - Malaysia

    Thank you!!

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    Blessed 2013 to you.

    I just tried out your recipe for the Yoghurt Muffins (without butter) and they taste delicious. Eating them for me is without guilt of the extra fat.

    I will certainly bake more cakes using this recipe as I am very conscious of fat be they oil or butter, I will avoid using fats for my bakes at all cost.

    Priscilla Poh

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    I would like to join the contest. My email address: jessiechengyp@hotmail.com from singapore. I enjoyed reading ur blog
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    Jessie cheng

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    I am your silent reader from Singapore :)

    Susan Yeow

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    Love your giveaway, so cute.
    I'm from Malaysia.

  29. Happy New year to you too!
    The first thing I noticed about these little cakes is the mix of yogurt and butter- no wonder so moist!!!
    I'm from Perth, Western Australia and www.theduckquacking.blogspot.com (More Than Words!)

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    A lovely first post to start the year! Love the domed mini-cakes, if only I could get my Madeleines to do that I'd be happy!
    Looking forward to your wonderful bakes & beautiful photography!

    Lynne (Plumleaf)

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  36. Ann , did you say cheese ?! I wonder why I haven't buy some cheese powder yet :D Your cakes look , as always , fantastic and absolutely yummy ! I just bookmarked it and will bake it as soon as I can get my hands on some cheese powder ....

    Hah ! I hope I'll win some of these cute stuff :D

    That cake stand is really good as a giveaway as well ! lol

    Btw , I wish you and you family the best in 2013 ! Here's to more awesome and gorgeous posts in the year ahead - Cheers !!!

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  44. Hi Ann,
    Wish you have a Blessed Happy New Year in 2013!
    Love your golden cheese and chocolate cupcakes.
    Look so moist and nice!

    I am like Phong Hong never lucky in anything..but no harm trying:p hor!!
    Me from Malaysia.

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    Those mini cakes look fantastic. I love the presentation.

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    Lovely looking cuppies: ) Happy New Year! Eileen, Hundred Eighty Degrees, SG

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    kingkongsale AT gmail DOT com :)

    1. Forgot to mention I'm from Australia :)

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    Name: Christine
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    Country: Malaysia


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  65. Really love your amazing blog .Also admire your baking skills and your generosity to share your recipes.Always look forward to reading your blog and learn new things.I am one of your silent reader who really appreciates your blog.Thank you and wishing you a great year ahead.

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  66. Hi Ann,

    Happy New Year !!!

    I'm your silent reader Janice from Malaysia. My email addy is kuennie6@yahoo.com

    Hope I'm lucky enough to receive your generous giveaways.

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    The mini cakes are so delightful. I will want to make them one day. Thanks for the recipe.

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    Can i please request for the "Be Happy" keychain to remind myself to do that everyday?
    Thanks a million!
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  74. Ann I always love your baked goods. I will have to show my daughter...she wants to be the baker in the family! :) Interesting with the cheese powder, don't think I've seen that before...of course I haven't been shopping in Taiwan either. ;)

  75. Hi Ann, ty for this wonderful giveaway! (:
    I wonder how the golden cheese powder taste like. You have a pic of the packaging? And where your friend bought? My friends are in tw now. Heeeeee (:


    1. Hi Jasmine, I've already updated the link below my recipe. The package was in 100g and I already threw the plastic away after opening up. I remember the shop name is 艾佳MAMA烘焙 or you can go to the facebook.

  76. happy new year to you too hun! these mini cakes look adorable :D

    and what a sweet giveaway.

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    Hope you and big families always in happines for this year and next..

  78. Ann, love these little cute cupcakes, nice!

  79. Happy New Year,... I'm from UK. Just found your blog,... You're so good, how I wish I can bake like you. My email address is: s_alihin@yahoo.com.au

  80. Hi

    I'm Saralyn from Singapore :)

  81. Hello Ann, Happy New Year! We came back to Sydney yesterday! For the 1st time, the custom officer didn't check on our luggage bags so the golden cheese powder was able to "import" here safely, hehehe! Lovely looking mini cakes, like the golden colour, what a good symbolic colour for welcoming a new year!

    1. Hi Jessie, finally you're back home. Must be a fruitful and an enjoyable holiday meeting so many bloggers. Hope to see you again, my dear friend :)
      Thanks for your gift too, I love it very much!

  82. Really cute stuff to give away! Your mini cakes look very pretty too! Best of luck to every one:D
    Jeannie of Baking Diary from Malaysia:)

  83. Oh wow.....your cheese is really golden! I have never seen such beautiful golden cheese powder. Adds such a lovely colour to your cake. Love it! I actually ate so much cake the past 2 weeks until I'm quite frightened of cakes. But looking at your lovely cakes, I feel like eating again....hehe.

    Love your giveaway, especially the key chains! You know I received so many boxes of chocolate this past 2 weeks that I'm really turning into a chocoholic! :D My gosh, if I get that chocoholic key chain, I think I should just hang it round my neck until I finish eating all the chocolates....haha. Oh wait...almost forgot. My blog is http://www.keeplearningkeepsmiling.com and I'm from Scotland.

    Wishing you a great start to the new year!

  84. cannot wait for the announcement!

  85. Hi, Im Maz from Terengganu, Malaysia.

    really admire with your blog and your giveaway. By the way, i'm produce cheese powder with CHEEZE MAZ brand.

    Really hope win this giveaway for early 2013.


    1. Hi Maz, Sorry this giveaway already closed on 6th January. You may like to subscribe my blog so that you can my receive my posts update in the future.
      Happy weekend!