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Tiramisu Cookies


This is the first time I used a cookie mix. It is the Tiramisu Cookies mix that I bought from Ailin Bakery. These cookies are very easy to make, all in less than 30 minutes, excluding the baking time. As I've never tasted Tiramisu Cookies before, I dusted some cocoa powder over the cookies before baking. The taste of the cookie was quite unique, in between sweet and savoury. This cookie is not bad at all. It's crispy and every bite has a hint of tiramisu flavour. As we already have prepared so many sweet snacks for Chinese New Year, why not include a savoury one to serve your guests too.

Tiramisu Cookies

    250g Soft unsalted butter
    2 tbsp Tiramisu cream
    1 tbsp Rum compound
    500g Tiramisu cookies mix
    100g Cheese powder

  • Beat soft butter till white and fluffy at medium speed. Add in tiramisu cream amd rum compound, mix well.
  • Gradually add in tiramisu cookies mix and cheese powder, mix well to soft dough.
  • Roll dough into small balls (about 8g each)  and place on lined baking tray. Gently press dough with a fork and dust some cocoa powder over it.
  • Bake at preheated oven 180C for about 15-20 minutes or till light golden brown.
  • Leave cookies to cool completely before storing in an airtight container.


     250克 软无盐牛油
     2大汤匙 提拉米酥香油
     1大汤匙 兰姆酒香油
     500克 提拉米苏曲奇粉
     100克 乳酪粉

  • 将软牛油以中速度打发至白。然后加入提拉米酥和兰姆酒香油搅匀。
  • 放慢容器速度,慢慢的倒入提拉米苏曲奇粉及乳酪粉,拌匀成软面团。
  • 取出少许面团 (约8克)柔成小球,排放于已垫牛油纸的烤盘上,再用叉稍微压扁。然后撒上一点可可粉。
  • 送入预热烤箱,以180度烘约15-20分钟左右或带有点金黄色即可。
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  1. Ann , you're a girl after my own heart lol Cheese and tiramisu sounds PERFECT ! Okay , I'm coming over now ;D

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    Wonderful cookies! I have never tried a tiramisu flavoured cookie, sounds delightful!
    Thanks for linking!

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    I wish that I can smell the coffee fragrance of your cookies... Must be super-irresistible :D


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    I love tiramisu, so I guess I would enjoy these cookies, they look so good :)
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