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Kiwifruit and Banana Bread - Curtis Stone


I love Curtis Stone's Banana Walnut Bread and I've baked it a couple of times. So this time I want to try this recipe Kiwifruit and Banana Bread from Curtis Stone again. I was a bit sceptical making this bread because I wasn't very sure about the measurements and baking time.  The 340g of flour seems too much for 2 eggs and the baking time stated in the recipe was 45 minutes. I had reduced the kiwifruit from 3 to 2 because those that I bought were quite big and very sour. Nevertheless, I went ahead to bake this bread and my baking time was one hour and 25 minutes. Luckily the end result was not too bad. It tasted exactly like bread, not very sweet but soft. Best to cut the bread, chilled, as it was quite soft and crumbly freshly baked.

Kiwifruit and Banana Bread

       2 1/4 cups Self-raising flour (340g)
       1tsp Cinnamon powder
       2/3 cup Brown sugar (120g), or add 15g more sugar if you prefer a sweeter bread
       1/2 cup Desiccated coconut (35g)
       2 Eggs (70g each)
       1/2 cup Fresh milk (100g)
       60g Butter, melted, cooled
       1tsp Vanilla extract
       1 Ripe banana (I used 1 1/2 bananas = about 150g)
       2 Kiwifruit (170g), peeled
       2 Kiwifruit, peeled and slice for topping

  • Preheat oven to 180C. Line a 21cm x 10cm (base measurement about 10 x 5 inch) loaf tin with baking paper. Line the base and 2 long sides with baking paper, allowing the sides to overhang.
  • Sift the flour and cinnamon powder into a large bowl. Stir in the brown sugar and desiccated coconut. Make a well in the centre.
  • Whisk the eggs, milk, butter and vanilla in a measuring cup, set aside.
  • Process the banana and 2 kiwifruit in a food processor or blender until smooth. Add the egg mixture and banana mixture to the flour mixture and fold until just combined.
  • Pour into the prepared tin. Slice the remaining kiwifruit, and arrange on top. Bake for 1 hour 25 minutes or or until cooked when tested with  a skewer. Cool in the tin for 5 minutes, then transfer to a wire rack to cool completely.


      340克 自发面粉
      1茶匙 玉桂
      120克 赤糖 ,(面包不是很甜,可多加15克糖)
      35克 干椰丝
      2个 全蛋 (越140克)
      1/2杯 鲜奶 (100克)
      60克 牛油,融化,待凉
      1茶匙 Vanilla香精
      1条半 熟透香蕉 (约150克)
      2个 奇异果(170克)去皮
      2个 奇异果,去皮,切片

  • 预热烤箱致180度。准备一个长方形烤盘 21cm x 10cm (约10 x 5寸),铺上烘焙纸,让纸的边缘高过烤模侧壁,备用。
  • 将自发面粉及玉桂过筛在大碗中,加入赤糖和干椰丝,拌匀中间挖个洞。
  • 把鸡蛋,鲜奶,牛油及Vanilla香精一起搅拌均匀在量杯里。
  • 将香蕉及170克的奇异果打滑。
  • 然后将鸡蛋糊及香蕉糊倒入面粉里,用橡胶刮刀翻拌均匀即可。
  • 倒入烤盘,把切好的奇异果片铺在面糊上。送入预热后的烤箱,烘烤1小时20分钟或用牙签插入蛋糕中间,取出牙签干净说明烤好了。从烤箱取出后,蛋糕先留在烤模中,待5分钟后才放到网架待凉。
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  1. Good morning there! I have just finished my lunch though it is just a good start of the day in Singapore! Looks like Curtis has many good banana bread recipes around. I like the top where the sliced kiwi fruits are nicely arranged. Can I have one for today's afternoon tea?

    1. Hi Jessie, sorry for the late reply. Have been quite busy this week. This bread doesn't taste like a cake at all, not very sweet but quite healthy. But I still prefer the previous banana bread, taste better.

  2. 哇!新鲜水果面包。充满活力的。很赞吧!就先把食谱纪录了。谢谢你我的偶像。嘻嘻嘻 。。

    1. Joceline,你才是我的偶像呢。什么都难不倒你,样样都做的很美 :D

  3. 我也是喜欢那排列的奇异果, 美丽又好吃!

  4. 好诱人的绿色奇异果, 这个肯定要尝试。。。真谢谢您的分享!

    1. Mummy2311, 这面包没有什么香蕉的味道有点淡,但是很松软。

  5. Being a kiwi, I love the use of kiwifruit on the top of the banana bread, I would have never thought to use it!

    1. Hi Amanda, Thank you for leaving your comment on my blog. I think you can also use the golden kiwifruits which are sweeter than the green ones.

  6. 香蕉加kiwi,哇。。都是营养丰富的水果,这甜点实在太棒!

  7. so nicely decorated! i like it especially more when you have sliced it

  8. Ann, this is a fruity combination that I never thought of even though I love both fruits! The kiwi fruit does make a decorative topping.

  9. This is a strikingly beautiful loaf, love the kiwis on top!

  10. Banana bread with kiwi sounds so interesting, really worth trying!

  11. Wonderful flavours, Ann. The other day I thought about adding mango puree to the banana I know it will work great with kiwi too. Thanks for sharing, Ann. The photos are very beautiful.

  12. 又是一个很赞的食谱。。。原来还有把奇异果汁加入面包里,真的很特别。我要一片试试

    1. Helena, 食谱蛮健康的,就是不是很香。当面包吃还不错。我还是比较喜欢之前哪个食谱。

  13. Wow~ The cake is so beautiful and healthy with load of yummy fruits!!!

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  15. Hi Ann,
    What a lovely combination of flavours! I have never tried using kiwi fruit in banana bread. The tartness from the kiwi fruit must have really complement the sweetness of the bananas!
    Thanks for linking!

  16. I love how the baked kiwis look on the cake!

    1. Hi Pille, Thank you very much for dropping by :)

  17. I had no idea that you could cook with Kiwi, Ann. I can definitely understand you being skeptical. I would be too but, it looks simply lovely. I can't even imagine how fresh and delicious it must taste. It sure looks inviting:) Thank you so much for sharing, Ann...

  18. How interesting! And very creative! The banana and kiwis combination sounds so good.

  19. A great looking loaf of bread, I like how you decorate it with the kiwi slices on the top too!

  20. Hi Ann, I made this recipe before... and found it so so... the kiwis makes it look really beautiful though!

    1. Hi Mich, You're right. This bread doesn't have much of the banana taste, might be probably due to too much flour and kiwifruits were used. Anyway, the bread was quite soft even after chilled.

  21. Hi Ann, I just made Curtis's banana walnuts bread last week, it was dense and delicious! This kiwi and banana combination sounds interesting and the bread looks very nice1

  22. This is rather unique. Like the topping, pretty.

  23. Hi Ann,

    This is strange that the recipe stated just 45 mins and you have baked your cake with double amount of baking time. Nevertheless, the kiwi cake look beautiful and deliciously moist.


  24. I have Amway Kiwi juice. I will try one day.