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Orange Chocolate Chiffon Cake


At the mention of Chiffon cakes, First on the baking list will always be Pandan flavour chiffon cake as it's a very popular and traditional simple soft cake using the juice of pandan leaves, here in Malaysia and Singapore. Next comes with orange flavour. I've baked quite a number of chiffon cakes in different flavours before but have yet to try one with with orange. So for this month Little Thumbs Up event - Orange theme.  I made this cake in 2 colours, orange and chocolate (with chocolate paste).  I really love the cottony and light texture of the cake and can grab and eat 2 slices in a row. This recipe was adapted from Jessie and Cass, thank you my friends for sharing this yummy recipe :)

Orange Chocolate Chiffon Cake

         4 Egg yolks (70g egg)
         15g Caster sugar
         50g Corn oil
         70g Fresh orange juice
         Zest of 1 orange
         90g Plain flour, sifted
         10g Corn flour, sifted

         4 Eggs whites
         65g Caster sugar
    • Preheat oven to 160C.
    • Mix sifted plain flour and corn flour in a bowl.
    • Beat yolks and sugar with a hand whisk until slight pale. Add oil, orange juice and zest. Stir as you add.
    • Sieve the flour the second time into the yolk mixture. Stir as you add till smooth and egg mixtures into thick paste. 
    • Beat egg whites until frothy. Add sugar in 3 separate rounds and whisk until stiff peak and glossy-looked.
    • Fold 1/3 of egg whites into the yolk mixture. Then pour in the remaining egg whites and fold gently until just combined with a rubber spatula.
    • Divide the batter into 2 equal portions, about 250g and mix one portion with 1 tablespoon of chocolate paste. 
    • Scoop half portion of the plain batter into the 21 cm chiffon pan then 2nd layer with chocolate batter, remaining plain batter and end with chocolate batter. (**my chiffon cake is a little low, best to use a 20cm pan), lift and drop the pan gently to remove air bubbles.
    • Bake at 2nd lower rack in the oven for about 45 minutes.
    • Invert immediately and let to cool down completely on a wire rack.
    • Dust cake with cocoa powder as desire.

               update: made this the 2nd time using a smaller pan.


         4个 蛋黄(鸡蛋约70克)
         15克 细砂糖
         50克 玉米油
         60克 鲜橙汁
         1粒 香橙皮屑
         90克 面粉,过筛
         10克 玉米粉,过筛

         4个 蛋白
         65克 细砂糖

    • 预热烤箱160度。将过筛的面粉和玉米粉混合在一个碗中。
    • 用打蛋器把蛋黄和细砂糖拌成微白。跟着加入油,橙汁和香橙皮屑,一边放入材料一边搅致匀及滑。
    • 把面粉及玉米粉再次过筛入蛋糊中,边筛边搅致匀及滑,致蛋糊很浓稠状态。
    • 用搅拌机把蛋白打致大起泡,细砂糖分3次加入,打致硬性发泡。
    • 取出1/3的蛋白霜与面糊翻拌均匀,再倒入剩余的蛋白霜,橡胶刮刀轻轻翻拌均匀。
    • 将面糊分成两份,大约250克。然后加入1汤匙巧克力酱在一份面糊中,拌匀。
    • 先把一半的白面糊平均倒入戚风烤盘里,跟着倒入一半的巧克力面糊,剩下的白面糊和最后一层巧克力面糊抹平即可。在桌子轻敲几下,敲出气泡。(我用的烤盘是21cm,所以蛋糕有点低,最好用20cm的烤盘,高度就刚刚好)
    • 把烤盘放入烤箱倒数第二层,烤约45即可。
    • 烤好后的蛋糕从烤箱里取出来,立即倒扣直到冷却。
    • 蛋糕冷却后才撒上可可粉。
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    Here is an example of how to use the cake stencil. 


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    5. Oh my heavens, Ann, your cake is absolutely beautiful! I really need to try baking a chiffon cake. It's been so long since I've baked one. I can just imagine how fluffy and soft your cake must be and ever so "purty" too. It must taste heavenly! Yes, simply heavenly! Thank you so much for sharing, Ann...

      1. Hi Louise, Thank you very much for your lovely comment. Looking forward to see your post soon :)

    6. 上面的花纹很有风格呢!太美了。

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    10. Absolutely gorgeous and pretty sure it taste just as delicious as it looks!

    11. Beautiful! Love those decorative swirls. Are you going to share how to do it? Didn't see it in the baking directions...

    12. 我也被那花纹吸引了。。。好美的戚风。。

    13. How beautifully soft looks this cake! And layers look perfect! Adorable!

    14. Hi Ann,
      Such a pretty piece of chiffon.
      Love the dual flavor too:)

    15. Wow....very pretty chiffon. ..我喜欢...

    16. Amazing! :) Love it
      Have a nice day,

    17. Beautiful chiffon. You're so creative. I have the stencil which I hardly use.

    18. 真漂亮!简单的戚风竟然可以这样做。

    19. Orange and chocolate, always a great combo! Beautiful chiffon you have made here..Have a lovely week ahead Ann..

    20. like the design of this chiffon cake! orange and chocolate are a great combo!

    21. Hi Ann, simple layered cake, yet it looks so lovely with the designs. The texture looks spongy soft. Taste wise definitely good.

    22. jong belegen kaasApril 27, 2014 at 6:30 PM

      very delicately finished chiffon, nice decoration, nice smooth top. and very informative practical on the decor.

    23. Hi Ann, sorry that I'm late again! Today is the last day of school holiday & I'm so looking forward to see him going back to school tomorrow, hahaha, which mean I have more time in blogging! Ann, I really like your orange-chocolate chiffon cake. What I adore most is how you can remove the chiffon so clean & beautiful! So far, I have baked not less than 9 times now & using corn flour really helps to increase the softness of the cake. If not mistaken, original recipe uses 20g corn flour & 80g cake flour but in the past, I used another recipe to bake but the chiffon came out too soft, couldn't stand well so now, I prefer to use less.

    24. Beautiful texture and I love the way its layered.

    25. Wow, Ann .... this is so lovely!

    26. Nice cake, where can I get the cake stencil.


      Koh S Y

    27. I love Chiffon cakes. I traveled to Singapore many time for work few years ago and I was always sure to bring pandan chiccon cakes with me. Love your soft moist cake, Ann.

      1. Hi Lail, Thank you for leaving comment on my blog. Happy to hear that you love chiffon cakes and hope you bake them at home too :)

    28. Hi Ann!
      I have only recently discovered your blog but I am already a fan and try your recipies every couple of days - completely foolproof, I'm just thrillied to have found a website I can totally rely on! I've just been making this chiffon cake (it's still in the oven but I'm sure it will be as delicious as all the other things you make :) I have only one question though: when I assemble this cake and pour the layers, they refuse to stay on top of one another and make swirls. I'm not sure what I have done wrong - is my batter too liquid? I'd really appreciate it if you could give some insight and maybe next time my cake will be almost as beautiful as yours ;)

      1. Hi Felena, Thank you very much for trying my recipes.
        I think you've under whisk the egg whites that was why the layers can't stay on top of each other. I hope your chiffon is still in good shape after baked. Please feedback to me :)

      2. Hi Ann! Thanks very much for your reply.
        I'm sure you're right, I accidentally had a teeny-tiny bit of yoke in the whites and it must have prevented them from foaming up properly. It still tasted delicious :)
        Have just put your "Impossible" Coconut pie in the oven, I'm sure it will be lovely as well!

      3. Hi Felena, Can't wait to hear from you... :D

    29. Hi Ann, just found your blog through your photos in Facebook. Awesome! And this chiffon cake is so pretty! How did you manage to get such a flat top? My chiffon always tend to dome and crack. :(

      1. Hi ChipMunk,

        Thank you for coming to my blog.
        Most of my chiffon cakes cracked too. I think this one here was due to the size of the cake pan and my new oven.

    30. 请问巧克力酱那部份如何做!谢谢。

      1. Hi Mei Chin, 我不太明白你的意思。。。 我是用chocolate paste跟面糊一起搅匀。你可以用1/2汤匙可可粉和1汤匙热水搅匀后(待凉),同一部分的面糊拌匀就可以了。

      2. 明白了,谢谢你的解答!

    31. Hi Ann, thanks for sharing this recipe... I follow your recipe and my orange chiffon came to a success finally!!

      Serene C

      1. Hi Serene, So happy to hear that :))

        Have a pleasant weekend!