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Orange Chocolate Chip Ice Cream 香橙巧克力粒雪糕


The weather is still very humid and hot even though it rained on and off.  Since orange is one of my favourite fruits, I made this no churn Orange Chocolate Chip Ice Cream as a tea time treat for the weekend. This tangy homemade ice cream is very refreshing made with orange yoghurt drink,  fresh orange segment, juice and crunchy chocolate chips. Kids will definitely ask for more.

Orange Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

     200ml  Orange yoghurt drink
     100ml  Orange juice
     1tbsp Lime juice
     Orange segment from one orange
     40g Coffee mate
     35g Sugar
     200g Fresh topping cream
     50g Chocolate chips

  • Combine yoghurt drink, orange juice, coffee mate and sugar together in a measuring cup. Stir till sugar dissolved.
  • Peel and segment oranges with a sharp knife and cut into smaller pieces and add into the orange juice mixture, stir well.
  • Whisk fresh topping cream to stiff peak.
  • Fold fresh cream to orange juice mixture and mix well with a hand whisk. Lastly add in the chocolate chips and fold well with a rubber spatula. Pour into container and freeze overnight until it's firm.


     200毫升  香橙酸奶
     100毫升  鲜橙汁
     1 粒 鲜橙果肉
     1汤匙 青柠檬汁
     40克 Coffee mate
     35克 白糖
     200克 植物性鲜奶油
     50克 巧克力粒

  • 将酸奶,橙汁,coffee mate和白糖搅匀致白糖融化。
  • 用利刀去掉香橙内白皮,然后把果肉切瓣,再切小块和鲜橙汁糊拌匀。
  • 鲜奶油用电动搅拌机打发。
  • 把打法鲜奶油加入鲜橙汁糊,用手动器搅拌均匀。然后加入巧克力粒,橡胶刮刀拌匀,倒入盒子,把盖子关上,放入冰箱 (洁冰格)让雪糕凝固。隔夜就能取出享用。
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  1. 很爽的感觉!大热天要来这个才可以。

  2. You said it, kids definitely asked for more even the adults too!

  3. 看见这香橙巧克力粒雪糕,马上凉起来了。。^^

  4. Hi Ann, 餐后最好来杯美味的香橙巧克力粒雪糕, 凉一凉。

  5. 好棒的食谱,谢谢分享!

  6. Is coffee mate same as 咖啡伴侣? Your ice cream looks awesome, Ann.

  7. 这个我喜欢

  8. Again that great orange and chocolate combination :)

  9. 大热天来一杯雪糕,清凉多了

  10. 这午后时, 热到半死了。。有你的雪糕, 我会凉很多的! 哈哈

  11. jong belegen kaasApril 23, 2014 at 7:23 PM

    quick and delicious ice cream, great for keeping in the fridge for any season, any day for craving

  12. yumm would be great treat for a hot day

  13. Hello,

    I am from Germany and I have a question.
    The orange yoghurt drink is this sweet, I mean with sugar?

    1. Yes, it is sweet but not too much. That was why I used little sugar in this recipe.

    2. Thank you for your answer. I think it is the same like in Germany.
      Please excuse me, but my english is not so good. I could write in German, but I don´t know, if you understand my language. :-)

  14. Love this creamy orange ice cream with chocolate chips! Orange and chocolate is indeed the perfect combo.

  15. 虽然这里天气凉凉的(经常下雨),但是想起一点酸酸的橙味冰淇淋,我还是想大口大口的吃。

  16. This ice cream looks really good! I will love to have this come rain or shine :)

  17. Ann , this ice cream looks refreshingly delicious ! I badly need a scoop or two of this :D

  18. Hi Ann, your have simplified the whole process of making ice cream without ice-cream maker. This orange ice-cream has added some coffee mate, wah, sounds so interesting!

  19. Ann the weather is so hot recently, I need at least 2 cups heeheehee

  20. Hi Ann!
    It's the funniest thing, I couldn't comment on my new computer but it appears I can on the MacAir? Doesn't matter a long as I can tell you how delicious your Orange Chocolate Chip Ice Cream looks, it's fine with me. And, believe me, it looks heavenly! Thank you so much for sharing...

  21. not only it looks tempting, this is also an easy way of making ice cream. Happy Sunday!

  22. Any leftover for my dessert? Lovely clicks!