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Pear and Hazelnut Cake 香梨榛子蛋糕


I bought these firm and very crunchy blush pears from Fairprice last week and it just occurred to me that I've bookmarked a recipe using pears from sometime ago. The recipe is Pear and Walnut cake with ginger syrup but I used hazelnut meal instead as the recipe stated that either hazelnut or almond could be used. I've also omitted the ginger syrup as the kids wouldn't like the gingery taste. The cake was very fragrant while baking and you could smell the sweetness flavour of the pears and hazelnut. The texture wasn't very dry and the pears still stayed crunchy even after baked. Definitely an easy keeper recipe. Next time, I'll  bake a smaller cake with ginger syrup for myself. I'm sure it will taste very yummy too.

Pear and Hazelnut Cake

      185g Butter, at room temperature
      1 tsp Vanilla
      110g Brown sugar
      3 Eggs (70g each), lightly beaten
      65g Hazelnut meal (ground), you can use ground walnut or almond
      250g Self raising flour
      1/2 cup Milk
      3-4 Pears (ripe and firm), cut in wedges

  • Preheat oven to 180C. Grease a 22cm (9inch) springform pan. Line the base with baking paper.
  • Use an electric mixer to beat butter, vanilla and sugar in a bowl until light and creamy. Add eggs, bit by bit until mixture incorporated.
  • Use a spatula to fold in hazelnut meal. Fold in half the flour, then the milk, then remaining flour until combined. Transfer to the prepared pan and smooth the surface. Arrange the pear on top, pressing down slightly into the batter.
  • Bake for 55-60 minutes or skewer insert into the center of the cake comes out clean. Cool in pan for 5 minutes, then remove cake on wire rack to cool.

  • ~~~~~~~~~


     185克 软牛油
     1茶匙 Vanilla香精
     110克 赤糖
     3个 鸡蛋 (70克一个)。打散
     65克 榛子粉 (可用核桃或杏仁粉)
     250克 自发面粉
     1/2杯 牛奶
     3-4粒 香梨 (最好用结实和爽口的),切粗片

  • 做法:
  • 预热烤箱180度。一个9寸活动圆烤盘涂油底部铺纸
  • 将牛油,Vanilla香精及白糖打至松发。打散的鸡蛋慢慢的加入至完全混合。
  • 先把榛子粉倒入,橡胶刮刀搅拌均匀,接着加入一半的面粉,继续拌匀。倒入牛奶搅匀后,加入剩余的面粉,搅拌均匀即可。将面糊倒入烤盘,橡胶刮刀抹平表面,轻轻把切好的香梨压在面糊上。
  • 送入预热烤箱烤约55-60分钟或用牙签扎入蛋糕内部,扒出的牙签没残留物,就表示烤熟了。
  • 让模内的蛋糕放凉约5分钟,脱模后放在铁丝架上待凉即可享用。
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  1. Ann, 这个装饰简单好看!很喜欢!

  2. 很漂亮的蛋糕,我觉得你做这种水果蛋糕都很美,都好好看。。。

  3. Ann, this cake looks beautiful with the pear wedges as topping! I have a pear in the fridge. Hope I can try this weekend!

  4. I love how beautiful and elegant this cake has turned out, Ann. Great clicks!

  5. Beautiful cake decoration! Can I have a slice please :D

  6. Oh yummy! This cake looks so delicious! I like that you used hazelnut meal in it..

  7. i know i have said this before, but i still have to say it again.. i really love your recipes.. they are so fuss free but the best you take time to tell us how it taste.... and of course, we trust Ann.... bookmarked!

  8. Ann 家的蛋糕总是那么的漂亮, 很羡慕!

  9. Hi Ann,
    Lovely cake! A slice would be perfect for tea-time snack!
    Thanks for linking!

  10. 我在FB看到这些水果,以为你要做红酒pear,嘻嘻。。

  11. Hi Ann,

    Your pear hazelnut cake is gorgeous!

    It is autumn here in Australia and we are having lots of beautiful pears in our markets now. I reckon this recipe is always a classic for this season :D


  12. Oh Ann, what a beautiful cake! I'm so glad you remembered you had this recipe to share with us. Marion has been on such a pear kick the last week or so. Pears aren't actually in season around here but I may be able to convince her to just hold on until I find the perfect pears to create this cake. It's just Pearfect!

    Thank you so much for sharing, Ann...

  13. 这个简单好看的蛋糕,再想想食材的配搭,mm。。好吃之极!

  14. Ann, I always enjoy looking at your fruit cakes. The way you arranged the fruit pieces no matter is pear or peach, all look very pretty!

  15. I also love the pear arrangement on top, very nice~

  16. 蛋糕很漂亮,材料中有我最爱的榛子粉,太赞了

  17. Very pretty cake! I love this! Oregon where I live is famous for hazelnuts. There a few hazelnut orchards not far from my house. I think I need to use local produce in my dishes more often. I could start with this.

  18. Hmmm...lovely cake and I like the instructions spelt out in the step by step pictures.

  19. 最喜欢水果蛋糕了!:D 蛋糕很漂亮~

    1. Angelic, 谢谢!这个蛋糕我收在冰箱3天都没问题。要吃之前把蛋糕放在温室十分钟就可以吃了。主要梨子要用结实和爽口的。软绵绵的就不耐放。

  20. Love this cake, as I love the combination of pears and hazelnut in a cake. The flavours would be really delicious.