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Japanese Dark Pearl Chiffon Cake 日式黑珍珠戚风蛋糕


I wonder why this cake is called Japanese Dark Pearl Chiffon Cake but it had been very popular among many food bloggers. I just saw Eileen and Ellena posted this recipe recently. I promised myself that I'm going to bake one soon. So here is my cake. I totally agree with Ellena, the cake is soft and moist. rich and chocolately due to the dark chocolate and cocoa powder but with little flour. I also like it as it's not too sweet, just to my liking, definitely a nice tea time treat.

Japanese Dark Pearl Chiffon Cake

     3 Egg yolks (70g egg)
     35g Corn oil
     60g Fresh milk
     80g Dark chocolate (used 66% valrhona chocolate)
     15g Cocoa powder (valrhona cocoa powder)
     35g Plain flour
     1/4 tsp Baking powder
     1/4 tsp Baking soda
     3 Egg whites
     50g Sugar
     1/2 tsp Lemon juice

  • Melt chocolate in a double boiler and stir till smooth, set aside. (I microwaved for 45 seconds)
  • In a large bowl, beat egg lightly with a hand whisk, followed by oil, milk and melted chocolate, stir well.
  • Combine flour, cocoa powder, baking powder and baking soda together and sift into the egg yolk mixture, mix till combined and smooth to a thick paste.
  • Whisk egg whites at high speed till foamy, add lemon juice into it. Then gradually add in sugar and beat to stiff peak.
  • Lastly fold egg whites into the yolk mixture in 3 batches till well combined.
  • Pour the batter into a 17cm chiffon pan and gently tap the pan on the table top to get rid of any trapped bubbles.
  • Bake in preheated oven at 165C for about 40 minutes at 2nd lower rack in the oven,
  • Invert cake pan immediately and let to cool down completely after baked.



     3个 蛋黄 (全蛋越70克)
     35克  玉米油
     60克 鲜奶
     80克 黑巧克力,切小 (我用的是66%的valrhona巧克力)
     35克 面粉
     15可 可可粉 (valrhona可可粉)
     1/4茶匙 发粉
     1/4茶匙 苏打粉

     3个 蛋白
     50克 细糖
     1/2茶匙 柠檬汁

  • 将巧克力快隔水煮溶,搅拌至滑,备用。(我用微波炉45秒就可以了)
  • 蛋黄稍微搅拌后,加入油,再拌入牛奶和溶化巧克力混拌均匀。
  • 将所有粉类筛入并搅拌均匀成巧克力糊。
  • 蛋白用搅拌机高速搅拌致大气泡,加入柠檬汁搅拌。分次加入细糖打发致坚挺状。
  • 将蛋白霜分3次拌入巧克力面糊,搅拌致均匀。
  • 倒入一个17cm戚风模子,轻轻把气泡敲出,放入预热烤箱倒数第二层,以165度烤约40分钟。
  • 蛋糕出炉,倒扣待凉后脱模,即可切片享用。

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    1. hello。。。 good morning。这个来片当早餐真的非常妙。

    2. 这款蛋糕是我目前为止最爱的戚风蛋糕!真的会‘食过返寻味’。。呵呵。。

    3. Hi Ann,

      This cake originates from aunty Yochana at

      I remember that it was a popular cake a few years back and the trend of baking this cake is back again. Yours looks sinfully good too!


      1. Hi Ann,

        Yes that the linky for chocolate cake has closed but no worries at all. I can fix it for you now :D


      2. Hi Zoe, Thank you for the link to Aunty Jochana and also the linky link :D

    4. 最近喜欢巧克力口味。

    5. 这个mark了还没做,Ann的好美。。^^

    6. 这个很好吃,我对它念念不忘呢。。

    7. lovely chiffon with simple and elegant decoration makes it a gorgeous dessert for the dining table.. or tea... this is a very nice cake indeed

    8. Hi Ann! That's a lovely chocolate chiffon! Me too was wondering why it is called Dark Pearl when I first saw it in Jeannie's blog. I have got to try it too!

    9. 这个也是我非常满意的蛋糕,好好吃。

    10. Yeah, I have also seen Joceline & Eileen baked this b4. What a beautiful-looking chocolate chiffon cake!

    11. 看来我应该要让它插队了。。。。嘻嘻~~

    12. I baked this cake too and totally love it, so do my sons...definitely a keeper. Yours are so neat, I have some difficulty unmoulding it.

    13. 不知道为什么我现在才看到你的帖子。

    14. 这个著名的黑珍珠,我还没有试过呐。。。连Ann也赞好,我找天也要做。 你的照片很好看啊,干净利落显示出珍珠的美。

    15. Thanks for your mentioned Ann! Your version of dark pearl looks really yummy too!!! Love everything with chocolate :)

    16. 这个。。。。我来吃下午茶:)

    17. This cake looks so spongy and perfectly light!

    18. 摆上了珍珠粒, 这真是个名副其实的珍珠蛋糕了!

    19. Hi Ann, lovely cake with pearls so elegant.

    20. Ann! you have baked this popular chocolate cake!! so tempting and lovely clicks!

      Thanks for linkup with LTU!

    21. 嘻嘻,我最近真的犯懒病,每天只会和你们讨吃,都不做。

    22. What a beautiful and tasty looking treat! Everytime I visit here I am always amazed by how good you are at baking and cake decorating! Well done, Ann, keep up the good work :)!

    23. it looks like a lovely cake!

    24. Cake looks fantastic, love it Ann

    25. good morning ann, yeah it seems like this chiffon flavour is quite a hit..and there are also another 2 entries who have linked this chiffon cake to our bake along anniversary theme. I hope i can try this out too someday. Gorgeous pic, getting better and better your food photography!

    26. Hi Ann,
      That is one perfectly baked cake! And the little silver pearls adds a touch of elegance to the cake!
      Thanks for joining Bake-Along's 3rd Anniversary bake!

    27. I swear I'm gonna buy a chiffon pan after drooling over your awesome chiffon cake :D You've baked this cake perfectly , Ann !

    28. Thank everyone for taking your time to leave your awesome compliments :))

    29. How can I miss this one .... bookmarked. Black pearl sounds Asian!

    30. Ann, I baked this cake long time ago, still remember this cake is very yummy! now looking at your beautiful cake, my hand itchy itchy liao heeheehee

    31. Hi Ann, your cakes look all so tasty and in fact I'm trying to bake this dark pearl chiffon now.
      I'm new to baking and clueless about the functions of my oven.
      Can i know if the temp should be at 165 degrees with fan on or off? Can you roughly explain when should i on the fan?

      1. Hi, I didn't use the fan mode, just normal temp to bake this cake.

    32. Hi Ann, i want to use your recipe for a birthday cake. And i want to add a chocolate ganache over it. do you have a simple chocolate ganache recipe for this pls? thank you in advance :)

      1. Hi Wendy, Yes, I've many cakes coated with ganache cream. You may like to check on my chocolate cakes at Recipe Index on top.
        or here

      2. Thank you so much, Ann. I have a question : i bought Paul's thickened cream today - can this be used instead of whipping cream??

      3. Hi Wendy, I've never used Paul's thickened cream before but I think it is a cooking cream that can be used as whipping cream as well.