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Potato Curry Puffs 马铃薯咖喱角


Today's post is a quick and easy family snack .... Potato Curry Puffs. Since I've still had potatoes on my pantry and some leftover frozen puff pastry, I quickly made this flaky Potato Curry Puff as an afternoon snack. Just boil the potatoes till soft, then fry it together with curry powder and onion with little milk. After wrapping the potato filling with the pastry, about 20 pieces, I stored half of them into the freezer. These can be baked as and when I feel like it or when I have unexpected guests for tea. 

Potato Curry Puffs

    Ingredients: makes 20 
     1 packet Frozen puff pastry, (only need large 5 pieces) thaw pastry in chiller for few hour before use
     450g Potato
     3 tbsp Curry powder
     4-5 tbsp Milk
     1 large Onion, chopped
     1 tsp Sugar
     3/4tsp Salt or to taste
     1tsp Chicken powder
     1 beaten egg

  • Wash potatoes and peel skin.  Boil potatoes with a pinch of salt until soft and tender for about 15-20 minutes Mash cooked potatoes with a fork, leaving some chunks behind.
  • Add enough oil in wok, use medium heat fry onion and curry powder till fragrant.
  • Add cooked potatoes together with the seasoning and milk, stir fry well. Dish up potato filling and leave to cool.
  • Place puff pastry sheet on a lightly floured table top and use a pizza cutter to cut pastry sheet into 4 equal square sheets.
  • Put potato filling (about 1 to 1.5 tablespoon)  on pastry sheet (refer picture) leaving enough border so that it can be folded over and sealed.
  • Egg wash the border and fold the edges together. Then use fork press down the edges to seal the border. Place the potato puffs on a lined baking tray and egg wash the tops of each puff..
  • Bake at preheated oven at 200C for about 25-30 minutes or until golden brown.


     1包 冷冻酥皮,(只用5大片)放冷藏室解冻数小时
     450克 马铃薯
     4-5汤匙 牛奶
     1粒 大洋葱,切碎
     1茶匙 白糖
     3/4茶匙 盐或适量
     1茶匙 鸡精粉
     1个 鸡蛋,打散

  • 马铃薯洗净去皮。放入沸水中(加入少许盐)煮约15-20分钟这熟。用叉把马铃薯稍微压烂。
  • 热锅加入适量的油,用中火将洋葱和咖哩粉炒香。
  • 倒入马铃薯和调味料和牛奶,拌匀即可。冷却后备用。
  • 台面撒些面粉,放上酥皮,用pizza刀切出四个小方格。
  • 放入1 到 1.5 汤匙马铃薯馅在皮上(请看图),用蛋液涂边。将酥皮对折成三角形,用叉压实边缘。
  • 烤盘放上牛油纸,将咖喱角放上。皮面扫上蛋液,放入预热烤箱200度烤约25-30分钟或烤至皮面金黄色即可。
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  1. These look so elegant and delicious. Blessings, Catherine

  2. AHA! That is a quick and clever light-bulb moment for leftover potatoes and puff pastry, and I like it!

  3. 我是一个没有什么耐心的妈妈,市售的冷冻皮真的最好的发明。。。可以给我吃一个吗??!!

  4. Hi Ann,

    This is a great idea! I can make these for my son's school lunches too :D


  5. These look so delicious and easy too...tks for sharing..

  6. Hi Ann, so yummy and great for breakfast and tea time too. Thanks for sharing and have a nice day. Regards :)

  7. Love this quick and easy recipe.

  8. Ann, these are my favourite type of curry puffs! Flaky with nice potato curry filling, Yums!

  9. Using the ready made puff pastry as well as baking it sounds so much easier than deep frying it. I love how golden brown and the flaky part. Yum

  10. These potato curry puffs are so yummy ... indeed quick and easy and great for breakfast too ^-^!

  11. I like how to open your post... It's like an executive summary.. Read it and done... We know what to do... Like I said before, u always make recipes so easy I think very soon, you may even have a three instruction recipe! Keep it up! Works good for lazy cooks like me *grin*

  12. I like store bought pastry dough too. So convenient! These puffs look fantastic.

  13. 脆卜卜的皮, 还有咖喱馅,好吃哦!:)

  14. Baking them is a great idea! I usually avoid curry puffs in restaurants as they are deep fried.

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  16. Sounds delicious, and I like that you used store bought puff pastry to make this super easy!

  17. Ann, I like curry puffs...but I like this easy & quick recipe from you even more, bookmarked!

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    Ann 家的照片都拍得很漂亮,很专业。

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  20. Ann , those are yummy curry puffs and easy to make as well !

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