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Almond Cranberry Cookies


As Christmas is about 3 weeks away, I think it is time to start making some new flavoured cookies for sampling. Not only for Christmas but also for Chinese New Year which falls on 23 Jan 2012. How time flies. In less than two months, we'll be celebrating Chinese New Year. For today's Almond Cranberry Cookies, I used the leftover cranberries from my Cranberry Yogurt Chiffon Cake. The recipe was adapted from the book of 孟老师的100多道手工餅乾. These cookies are made using the rub-in method just like for short crust pastry. You don't need a mixer to mix the ingredients, very easy! The crunchy cookies have an almond aroma and a slight tangy taste of cranberries. I would prefer to add in a little more dried cranberries to give an extra tangy taste the next time I make these cookies again. The recipe is definitely a keeper for sure.

Almond Cranberry Cookies 
      35g Dried cranberry
      35g Almond flakes
      100g Plain flour
      35g Icing sugar
      20g Ground almond
      50g Cold butter, cut to cubes
      1 tbsp Fresh milk

  • Toast almond flakes at 160C for 5 mins and leave to cool.
  • Blend almond flakes and dried cranberry separately in the grinder and mix them together in a bowl.
  • In large bowl sieve in plain flour, icing sugar and mix together with ground almond. Add in cold butter and rub with your finger tips and both of your hands  till mixture becomes sandy.
  • Add 1 tablespoon fresh milk into the cranberry mixture, mix well and add into the flour mixture. Mix well with a rubber spatula and knead into a dough.
  • Roll out the dough in between two plastic sheets to about 1 cm thick. Cut out shapes using your preferred pastry cookies cutter and place them on a baking tray lined with parchment paper.
  • Bake at 170C for about 15-20 mins or till golden brown. Remove from heat and cool on wire rack then store cookies in an airtight container.

I'm sending this entry to 'Only' Cakes & Cookies hosted by Pari of Foodelicious.

Happy Baking!

You may like to wrap a special Christmas gift to your loved ones, please click on the image and check on my tutorial.


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  1. Lovely cookies! I've some leftover dried cranberries, hope to try this recipe soon :)

  2. 如果也可以收到这么一盒用心制作的饼干,及那精美的包装,心情该有多愉快呀!(哈哈哈!明白我心意哦!)

  3. 我只能说。。。ann你也未免太厉害了吧。。。。。。。很棒的圣诞节包装分享。。。i like it。。。。。谢谢你:)

  4. 我今天在找饼干食谱,那么巧。。

  5. Is it for me? Haha... This must be a lovely gift for Christmas. Love it.

  6. One of your best-looking cookies yet ;) It's perfectly-baked and looks totally mouthwatering !!! Great packaging , too ;)

  7. wow ... so nicely wrapped - getting all ready of Christmas. Ann, are these cookies chewy type or crispy one. I also still have some cranberries though I would very much like to do the cranberry yoghurt chiffon again. Must go buy some more cranberries. ;)

  8. 哇。。有Xmas的气氛哦!!

  9. Tze, have a try. This is recipe is a very small portion.

    Eileen, 呵呵。。。在等两个星期,会给你们惊喜:D

    Joelyn, 我觉得送礼,包装也是很重要,也是表示你很重视对方。:))
    我知道你也有这本书... :DD

    Jane, Thanks! Please wait for another two weeks...hehee...

    Thank you Anne. Your comment makes my day :)

    Chris, This is crispy but not much taste of the dried cranberries.

    Myme, 谢谢哦!这里圣诞气氛已经很浓,所有商场都放了圣诞树和漂亮的灯饰了。

  10. To be honest, I prefer this type of sable style cookies than American cookies... I love the flavors too. I would enjoy the nice flavor and texture of these cookies. You made very nice gifts and your friends are so lucky!!

  11. cookies are looking yummy beast for chrimas
    1st time here nice space do visit and follow

  12. Wow those cookies looks super gorgeous and cute..

  13. Wow, these look gorgeous and vibrant, and they sound delicious. :)
    I love the way you wrapped them as a present, so pretty!

  14. 包装的很漂亮o(^_^)o

  15. 包装精美的自制饼干,

  16. These cookies are beautiful! I love their shape!

  17. Love the red cranberries in the cookies, it does give it the Xmas flair! Good idea to start baking some cookies to give some love ones. ;)

  18. Ann,I can imagine the taste from ingredients of the recipe. Yumm... very cute and well bake. Good for own consumption as well as for a gift. You can have the loose one on the table but I take the one wrapped up nicely in the box ..haha..

  19. i actually like cranberries a lot in my bread and cookies too! i think it's also becos of the little red specks they give, really lovely!yeah, cny is not too far away and very soon all of us will be very busy shopping and not too long, i guess we will also be seeing many cookies recipes coming up.

  20. Makes a great gift with the pretty red spots from the cranberries:D

  21. Hi Ann. Was pleasantly surprised by ur visit today. The cookies look awesome and ready to be grabbed. yes, you can link it in my event.

  22. "Bao Ga Liow" from start to finish - you done it perfectly ;p

  23. I love the new look! And these cookies of course. Not baked cookies for a while. I am now inspired.

  24. This is definitely calling out to Christmas! Love dried cranberries! Thanks for sharing these lovely cookies! Have a nice day!

  25. Great cookies! Gorgeous packaging! I have left over cranberries too, can't wait to try this. Thanks for sharing with us :)

  26. This is great for CNY too. You have nicely wrap it, lovely!

  27. Hi Anncoo, you are the kitchen queen! You're always baking and cooking, amazing with all the efforts & time you've put in. These cookies are so fit for Xmas and your Xmas wrapping style is just creative. You even have a tutorial for it? Wow!

  28. i like your cookies box decoration, Ann...bookmark this recipe to try out soon...:) thx

  29. Ann, me again. just to inform you that I have try this recipe and it turned out so yummy!! I double the ingredients but it still ...too small portion :DDDD

  30. Rub-in method, 很简单耶!我喜欢那香香的杏仁味,也爱那酸甜的cranberry 。。食谱抄下咯 ^_^

  31. Hello Ann!Love these cookies.And also like how you presented them in the photos. Recently I have been busy looking for x'mas recipes too.I never did this in the past, never bother to bake/cook x'mas dishes but this year is different, coz I've my blog now & I think it's time to kick off & have more practice in cooking/baking, haha!The other day I eyed on a very special cookie recipe & realised that you had made them in the past. I'll try to make & share with you later. Now want to keep it as a surprise.

  32. OMG, I love cranberries! Last CNY, I bought some from Bengawan Solo & they were delicious. Wish I could try yours too! They look gorgeous especially in that ribbon wrapping. 5-star!

    Oh, time for Giveaway! Congrats on your last winning. I'm giving away SK-II products now! Try your luck again this time @ SK-II Pitera™ Essence Set X’mas Giveaway!

  33. Those cookies look very pretty and tasty! Are the boxed ones for me? I did not realize that CNY is on Jan 23rd. Thanks for the heads up :)

  34. @Li Shuan
    Li Shuan, If you're in S'pore, you can take all... :DD

  35. @lena
    Lena, I love cranberries very much that's you can see there are many recipes with cranberries here.
    I always feel pressure when CNY is near... *=*

  36. @tigerfish
    Tigerfish, hahaa...that's a cute comment :)

  37. @petite nyonya
    Hi Petite, Really long time did not see you in the blogosphere. How are you? Thank you very much for your sweet compliment :)

  38. @Ah Tze
    Tze, So happy that you tried this recipe (very fast!).
    Your cutter is quite big, so one person takes one? hahaa..
    Happy Birthday to you :))

  39. @Jessie-CookingMoments
    Jessie, Because now you got a blog is just like taking care of your baby. So you start to crack your head everyday what to post lol!
    hehee...so secretive, I must check your blog every morning. :D

  40. @Blackswan
    Shirley, Thanks for hosting away for another giveaway. You something? My niece keep on hinting that she likes the gifts... :D

  41. Thanks Nami. Hope you'll try it because this cookies is crunchy and not too sweet to every liking.

    J.O., 谢谢你:)


    Thanks Melanie :)

    Thanks Pari. Thank you for hosting. Already linked up :)

    Penny, I also seldom see you post recipes lately.

    Sherleen, Thanks! I'm sure you'll love this crunchy cookies after trying it.

    Esther, 这个cookies会让你吃个不停。

    You're welcome Biren :)CNY is really very close...

  42. I love the ingredients you used in your cookies! Looks yummy!

  43. This's totally the baking season eh? Lovely cookies, I love biting on to dry fruits in cookies.

  44. oh YUM! I adore cranberries and almonds together. That is one of my favorite combinations.

  45. I haven't started thinking about wrapping yet and I should, xmas will be here way too fast. I love the measured mat you used for rolling our your dough, I will have to look for one. I love cranberries in cookies, they are so yummy. Hope you have a great rest of the week.

  46. I am terrible at wrapping...you are so talented!
    Those cookies look so festive and pretty.

  47. Ann, this is just awesome, the cookies as well the presentation. You're so good with your hands! I can't even wrap a simple parcel....

  48. Thank you everyone for your lovely comment and hope you'll try to make this yummy cookies. I already made the 3rd batch and going to make more for Christmas.

  49. @Gina
    Hi Gina, That mat was a gift from my friend. It is very useful and the quality is better than Wilton.

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  51. These cookies are the perfect Christmas gifts... thanks for sharing! They look super delicious!

  52. Great recipe and beautiful wrapping ideas. Wrapping is definitely not my strong side - I have so much to learn from you!

  53. I visit around 40-50 blogs everyday... and very few have the quality that your blog posts have. really top notch! :)
    These cookies look real fantastic!

    your new fan from Inida ;)

    Kavi | Edible Entertainment

    Ongoing events:
    Jingle All The Way &
    Microwave Easy Cooking

  54. oo, and would love to have this as a part of my event - Jingle All the Way, if possible :)

    Jingle All The Way

  55. @blkenigma888
    Blkenigma888 , Thank you for you invite. Have just linked up my post :)

  56. Thanks Jasline :)

    Cooking Rookie, Thank you very much for your compliment :)

    Hi Kave, Thank you! Your blog looks great too!

  57. Hi Anncoo, I baked a batch of cookies, turn out not crisp, how is the texture should be? can I put back and bake longer?
    Thank for your time.

    1. Soh, there are already few bloggers tried this cookies and the feedback are good. I baked this cookies for 20 mins. Yes please re-bake again and see how its turn out.