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Jade Fried Rice


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A great way to use up your leftover ~ carrot, ham and spinach to make this healthy fried rice. You can also add some sweet corn into it to add extra colour to make your kids to enjoy this meal.

Jade Fried Rice

     Ingredients: (serves 3)
     500g Cooked rice
     3 stalks Spinach (菠菜)
     3 Large eggs
     1 Onion - chopped
     1 Small carrot - boil to cook and dice
     4 slices of Ham - cut to small pieces

     3/4 to 1 tbsp Light soy sauce
     dash of pepper
     pinch of salt or add to taste (optional)

  • Method:
  • Wash spinach until clean, blanch in boiling water quickly until soften, dish out and soak in cold water, strain excessive water and cut finely.
  • Put in blender together with eggs to blend to paste, pour out and set aside.
  • Heat oil in wok,  saute  onions until fragrant, add in diced ham and stir fry until well mixed.
  • Combine cooked rice with spinach paste together with ham and onion, mix well with soya sauce.
  • Make sure the wok is very hot, add enough oil then pour in the rice mixture, stir fry continuously with medium heat until rice turn fluffy, dry and fragrant, off heat.
  • Serve fried rice immediately.



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  1. Looks very appetising. Keep one bowl for me - I stop by for lunch ok?

  2. look simple but appetizing enough...i like this kind of ideas of using leftover...:)

  3. Wowow! Very healthy version i love the jade green colour :)

  4. Anncoo...Happy New Year and Happy Cooking. This fried rice is a healthy start for the new year :) Love it!

  5. I like this fried rice. I like the way u added spinach. Very healthy :)

  6. Very nutritious indeed! And looks sooo bright, colourful and inviting!

  7. Interesting and healthy rice..this for sharing

  8. Wow! Very nice color, great way to make children eat their veg:D

  9. hahaha i was wondering why green in color....Thought you used Pandan or what

  10. 青青的,看起来胃口大开 ^_^

  11. first time in your space n i just loved this fried rice dish..n very healthy too.....u have an awesome space with a varied collection of recipes...I'm ur new follower visit mine sometime :-)

  12. I love the name, and it's perfect for this elegant dish. orgeous looking, and I love the idea of using spinach in fried rice :)

  13. Looks really appetizing !! Love the spinach addition and it also adds a gorgeous green color :) A great one dish meal ;)

  14. I love the name - makes it even more elegant (and delicious).

  15. Happy New Year! I'm few days late.
    I like the way you coat the rice with spinach paste, lovely : )!

  16. YUMMY dish..


  17. This is a very attractive name given to your fried rice. Yes, good idea to make use of leftovers!

  18. Chris, sure. I deliver to you :D

    Sherleen, This is the type of cooking for a lazy person like me :)

    Thanks Ellena & Elin.

    Hi Cass, Thank you for dropping by :)

    To Food With Love, Thanks for your compliment.

    Thanks Jes!


    Small kucing, hahaa...add pandan also very fragrant.

    Only Fish Recipes, Thank you. Your site also looks very interesting too!

    Thank you Kiri & Anne :)

    TasteHongKong, Thanks! This very easy and healthy. Have a try .

    Thank you Cheah.

  19. A beautiful rice dish, Ann. Love the spinach paste...perfect to fix the rice dishes.

  20. Looks like you are on to healthy recipes for the new year. Love the color of your fried rice. I am sure it is delicious too!

  21. Green rice is very unique! Looks very healthy and delicious!

  22. I totally love this Jade Fried Rice. So "Chinese New Year" , esp. the name.

  23. What a beautiful bowl of rice! Looks so delicious! A big bowl for me, please!!

  24. Amazing color! I know it would taste as good as it looks, glad to have stumbled upon your blog too.
    Take care..

  25. Your posts are getting very interesting. and i am so hungry right now.

  26. Hmmm, I like this fried rice! I was so attracted by the name of this dish, it is called "Jade" fried rice, not an ordinary fried rice, only available at Ann's place. Very creative, Ann! Oh, let's not forget to mention that I like this piece of cloth that you used in taking the photos.

  27. hmm..interesting to combine eggs with spinach for coating..beautiful presentation!

  28. This sure is a new way to cook fried rice! Almost like fusion style of pesto with rice! Special! And it's a great way to get the kids to eat the greens indirectly too. ;)

  29. I love the greens! I also love your creativity in adding the spinach to the rice this way. :) I'm sure it turns out to be a yummy meal!

  30. I shouldn't have looked at this before having lunch as I am now almost licking the screen. That just looks delicious and healthy too!

  31. I have never tried making fried rice like this! Well done! :)

  32. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments :)

    Hi Gerry, Thank you for dropping by. Nice to know you :)

    Loveforfood, Have a try. Just add anything you have on hand.

    Thanks Jessie! That piece of cloth was bought from Daiso. Hope you can find it there.

    BeeBee, Oh.. never thought of pesto with rice but sounds quite similiar...hehee..

    Thanks Jane.

    Simone, Thank you for your compliment. Hope you'll try this one day.

    Thank you Leemei :)

  33. Happy New Year, Ann! Your fried rice looks perfect for the coming CNY. And a perfect name for it too. :o)
    Hope you're having a lovely weekend.

  34. Que lindo luce el arroz es una delicia,rica combinación,abrazos hugs,hugs; tengas un bello año.

  35. Hello Ann,

    I tried this today. Wow taste really nice and it is easy to make.

    I did not know rice can be fried in this way.

    Thanks for the great recipes

  36. Ann, I cooked was great!!!! My family raved about it...thanks for sharing this recipe!