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Mushrooms or Cakes? 四色鸡蛋糕


Take a look at this picture, are they Mushrooms or Cakes? Take a closer look again .... they really look Mushrooms, right?  I was amused when I saw these cakes which looked like  mushrooms when they were out of the oven, but on the other side, there were 4 beautiful pastel colours. I was actually inspired by Joceline who posted 'Mapo Chiffon Cake' a week ago. I told myself I'm going to try four layered colours with the Baked Egg Cake recipe again. So this time around, I used the muffin pan that I bought from Ikea long time ago and baked 12 small cakes. The cakes still stayed soft and delicious, even though some of them were out of shape and we almost polished them all in no time. Have a try on this delicious cake, you can even bake it in cupcake liners or any cake pan you can think of.

                              Baked Layered Egg Cakes

         3 Egg whites
         65g Icing sugar
         3 Egg yolks
         1 Whole egg
         50g Corn oil
         65g Self raising flour
         1/2 tbsp Chocolate paste
         1 tsp Pandan paste
         1 tsp Strawberry powder or pink colouring
         1 tsp Vanilla extract

  • Method:
  • Grease muffin pan with butter or cooking spray, set aside. Preheat oven at 170C.
  • In a mixing bowl, mix egg yolks and whole egg together with a hand whisk. Add in corn oil till combined.
  • Sieve in self raising flour and mix well, set aside.
  • Whisk the egg whites to bubbly at medium speed and add icing sugar into it in 3 batches and whisk to stiff peak.
  • Add one third of meringue to egg yolk mixture and fold well with a rubber spatula. Then pour all the egg mixture into the meringue at low speed and mix well.
  • Divide batter into 4 equal portions (about 100g each) and mix each portion with chocolate paste, pandan paste and strawberry powder, leaving one portion as plain with vanilla extract.
  • Scoop each coloured batter into prepared muffin pan evenly (plain, pink, green and chocolate). Bake at preheated oven for about 25 minutes. Remove cakes once it is out of the oven. 

    • ~~~~~~


      3个 蛋白
      65克 糖粉
      3个 蛋黄
      1个 全蛋
      50克 玉米油
      65克 自发面粉 (过筛)
      1/2 汤匙 巧克力酱
      1 茶匙 Pandan香精
      1 茶匙 草莓粉或粉红色素
      1 茶匙 Vanilla香精
  • 做法:
  • 用Ikea满分烤盘,涂油备用。
  • 将蛋黄与全蛋混匀,再将玉米油倒入拌匀。
  • 把面粉倒入,用搅拌器搅匀,备用。
  • 用搅拌机把蛋白打致大气泡,把糖粉分次加入,搅拌致坚挺状。
  • 取部分的蛋白霜与面糊混合,再倒入原有的蛋白霜里,混拌均匀。
  • 把面糊分成4份 (一份约100克),然后加入各4口味。把各面糊拌匀。
  • 先把香草面糊平均倒入12个小模子里,跟着倒入草莓,pandan 和巧克力面糊即可。
  • 送入预热烤箱,以170度烤约25分钟。
  • 蛋糕出炉,马上倒扣取出待凉。
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  • **觉得用纸杯比较方便,用Ikea模盘有些小蛋糕会变形。

I am submitting this post to Aspiring Bakers #40 -
 Rainbow and Ombre Party! (March 2014) hosted by Cynthia of The Baking Biatch.


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