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Easy Apple Crumble 简易苹果金宝


This is the most Easy Apple Crumble recipe that I came across from Irene's blog. Not only is it easy, it's also very yummy and addictive too.  I used organic rolled oats that I had on my pantry (you can use any type of oatmeal that you have). Though the crumble wasn't very crispy and golden brown after baked but it served as a comforting oaty apple snack. The crunch of the warm apple and crumble tasted so good, I couldn't resist going for second helping. 

Easy Apple Crumble

      4 Green apples
      3 tbsp Sugar
      1 tsp Cinnamon powder
      1/4tsp Salt
     2 tbsp Light Muscovado sugar or brown sugar
      4 tbsp Oatmeal (I used rolled oats)
      1/3 cup Flour (about 40g)
      30g Butter, cut to cubes

  • Peel, core and slice apple to wedges. (I cut into 8 wedges).
  • Mix sugar, cinnamon powder and salt on to apples and mix well with your hand. Pour apples into foil cups. (I used 4 small size pie bowls).
  • Rub light muscovado sugar, oatmeal, flour and butter together to crumble with your finger tips and place on top of apples.
  • Bake at preheated oven at 170C for 20 minutes or until golden brown.


      4个 青苹果去皮,去核及切片。(8片)
      3汤匙 白糖
      1茶匙 肉桂粉
      1/4茶匙 盐
      2汤匙 原蔗黑糖 (Light Muscovado sugar), 可以用赤糖代替
      4汤匙 麦片
      1/3杯 普通面粉 (约40克)
      30克 无盐牛油

  • 苹果去皮,去核及切片。(切8片)。
  • 将白糖,肉桂粉及盐倒入苹果片内,用手拌匀,倒入铝箔杯里。(我用4个派碗)
  • 咖啡糖,麦片,普通面粉和牛油(用手) 拌成粒状,铺在苹果表面,放入以预热170度的烤箱里,烤约20分钟或至金黄色即可。
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  1. Ann, I have always wanted to bake crumbles and this looks easy enough! Also small portions like this is best :)

  2. 好像很赞呢!

  3. 听你这一说;我倒想试做。

  4. Ann, 这个看起来健康又美味!请我一碗吧!:)

  5. i love apple crumble but love this even more because you just live up to your name again simplifying things for lazy bummers like me ………^_^

  6. 一边吃,一边看杂志,一边跟你聊聊天,

  7. Crumbles are the best, Ann! So easy, healthy and quick clean up too! Yours looks so inviting:) Thank you so much for sharing...

  8. 这个很健康的小吃呢。。。。做法材料简单,该试试看

  9. I am a sucker for anything crumble, streusel, or crisp! This is a simple and delicious dessert, Ann.

  10. Ann, you are fast, I have bookmarked but yet to take action!

  11. 这么好吃, 又简单。。我也要去买萍果了, 嘻嘻!

  12. Hello Ann, as usual, love your sharing of easy, delicious and healthy meals .. Thanks.

  13. This is lovely to snack on and yes with a hot drink!

  14. Ann, I like the chinese name of this dish, "金宝,金宝," 好好的意头!Normally apple crumble comes with a tart shell,right? But for this recipe, everything is straight forward!

  15. This is so simple and healthy too..

  16. 真的很简易好吃,我也要一碗:)

  17. Ann, being a busy mum I love easy recipe and have yet to try Apple crumble! I've got all the ingredients, shall make this for our breakfast tomorrow! Thanks for sharing!

  18. 加入oats的看起来更好吃,下次我一定要去买一包回来。嘻嘻~
    谢谢你的链接哦 ^o^

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